Greatly Blessed

Greatly Blessed

Friday, March 3, 2017

Holiday Spanning Dresses

I often dress my girls in matching clothes.  But sometimes it's fun to do coordinating styles instead.

Last year, I chose red and green solid dresses from Primary as one of their Christmas outfits.  The girls looked adorable in them, and I found myself thinking, "Hannah can wear hers at Valentine's Day, too."  Which led to me thinking, "And Katie could wear hers at St. Patrick's Day."

It was this thinking that led me to place another order from Primary, adding a pink dress and another green dress to their closet.

Hannah and Katie then wore red and pink dresses to usher in the start of February, and ended up wearing them several times that month.

Now that it's March, they are wearing the green dresses.

After wearing them for St. Patrick's Day, we'll probably pair up pink and green for spring things like Easter egg hunts.

These dresses are just one of many styles of cute, simple children's clothing available at Primary.  If you click my link here, and place a first time order, you'll get $10 off, and I'll get a credit on my account.  I'm foreseeing us shopping at Primary again for school spirit wear, since they have a wide selection of solid colors.

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