A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.


Our adoption timeline 


Our adoption of Katie didn't start with us deciding to adopt.  It started with one of the directors of the agency we used with Hannah meeting Katie in China and having the strongest feeling that we were her family.  She emailed us out of the blue about her.

05/28/12:  Email from agency
06/04/12:  Received photos, on my phone, in Disneyland, waiting in line with Jack to go on Soaring Over California
06/23/12:  Paul said YES!
06/25/12:  Application mailed to placing agency
06/27/12:  Application mailed to homestudy agency
06/30/12:  Ordered our Hague training hours courses, applied for birth and marriage certificates, worked on The Packet from our HS agency
07/06/12:  Submitted a bunch of completed forms to HS agency
07/10/12:  Fingerprints (Paul and Shecki)
07/12/12:  Fingerprints (Annaliese)
07/17/12:  Shecki doctor appointment, blood work & TB test
07/23/12:  first batch of kids to doctor
07/24/12:  second batch of kids to doctor
07/27/12:  Paul doctor appointment & First Homestudy Visit!
08/06/12:  Paul TB test
08/08/12:  Paul blood work
08/15/12:  second homestudy visit
08/16/12:  last homestudy visit
09/11/12:  final homestudy paperwork submitted
10/17/12:  received email draft of homestudy to edit
10/31/12:  HS approved by placing agency
11/07/12:  Notarized homestudy received in mail
11/07/12:  I800A immigration application mailed
11/14/12:  I800A receipt date
11/26/12:  received Katie's file
11/27/12:  favorable medical review from UofM/submit LOI
12/04/12:  PreApproval!
12/10/12:  Dossier notarized and certified, immigration fingerprints done
12/18/12:  (original fingerprint appointment date)
12/19/12:  Dossier to consulate
12/19/12:  USCIS Approval date
12/24/12:  Received 797, immigration approval
12/27/12:  notarized and certified immigration approval
12/31/12:  Dossier Authenticated
01/01/13:  passport photos, photocopied dossier, mailed to agency
01/07/13:  DTC!!!!!  This is when our agency mailed our dossier to China
01/15/13:  LID  This is when China Logged In our dossier
01/25/13:  Out Of Translation
03/07/13:  LOA  Letter of Approval
04/19/13:  received I800 approval
04/23/13:  NVC Cable
05/09/13:  Article 5 pick up
05/22/13:  Travel Approval

And after that:

   Gotcha Day  6/17

   Adoption Day 6/18

   Consulate Appointment 6/27

   Homecoming 6/29


  1. What a beautiful blog! Your little Katie is so precious. I just signed up to follow you guys and look forward to seeing the pics when she makes her way home to you all :)