A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Our Kitteny Week

Okay, so kitteny probably isn't a real word, but surprisingly, I'm not getting the dreaded Red Squiggly Line telling me the word is misspelled, so I guess someone, somewhere uses it.  

That's Sam's foot again.  It seems to be making regular appearances on the blog these days.  Left kitten is Quito, right kitten is Cairo.

You can see a little more of Quito's beautiful coloring here.  

And baby Oslo.  

I took a picture of their habitat as soon as I returned them to it after cleaning.  They get it messy so quickly!  Our big news this week is that 2 of the kittens are now using the litter box!  Huzzah!  They'll be allowed more roaming time when they're all 3 consistently going where they're supposed to.  

We did some moving around in the girls' room, which I didn't think to take a picture of.  Paul swapped dressers with Katie, so we had to rearrange things to make the side by side fit in the panda room.  This bag of hangers was my realization that the girls' clothes tend to fall off toddler/kid hangers at this point, so it's time to move to standard sized ones.  Another reality check that my babies... aren't.  Bag going on the neighborhood app to see if they can find a new home.  

Our end of year art show.  I asked the girls to choose 3 of their favorite art pieces from this year.  I put a couple of mine in, too, as we pulled them down from the school room walls.  

Projects from a library book.  Hannah's coded writing sign, and Katie's fire dogs.  

Hannah's sequined fish.  

This is what my school room table looked like after my zoom tutoring session this week.  My learner asked a question about /k/ and /s/ made by the letter C, so I grabbed my flash card packs from Logic Of English and found her a rule card for that, and for G's similar thing with /g/ and /j/.  Homeschool curriculum for the win!  

Notice the Star Wars shirts?  Sam and the girls had a SW marathon on May the Fourth, and they all 3 dressed for the occasion.  

The drawings are from their outside time while I was tutoring.  

Picked up my new glasses this week.  They're exactly like my old glasses, except a slightly different prescription, so as I put these away to be a back up pair, I though it might be time to start labeling the old ones.  That way, if I ever need one of the back up ones, I know which is most recent.  

Happy Mother's Day to me!  Eli sent me these gorgeous tulips and another butterfly suncatcher (pictured with Grumman in the background).  

Another sad little pile of books (we really need to beef up our requests!) with an exhausted after school Jack in the background.  

Look!  It's a purrito!  The kittens are finishing up a round of eye drops, and when I wrapped Quito to administer them, she crouched down in the hand towel.  


  1. Your kittens are so sweet! I'm such a sucker for a baby anything. And kittens are exceptionally cute babies.

    Hurrah for your homeschooling win with your Zoom student. :) Brother's therapists are constantly laughing with wonder over some spelling or grammar or math rule that they didn't learn in school that we consider just a matter of course to know. It's fun.

    Your girls must be so tiny to be outgrowing kid hangars right now. My kids outgrown them about the time they stop being toddlers. :) It's hard to realize your babies aren't, isn't it!

    1. I'm surprised at how little training it takes to be an ESL tutor. I feel like if I didn't have homeschooling experience, I'd be in over my head. I'm glad I have 20 years of teaching to pull from. It's going well so far.

      Nobody seems to want my kid hangars, lol. Not even the crisis pregnancy center.