A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Whizzing along from September to October

We've acclimated to the school year routine.  We're weathering the cooler temperatures.  The nights are getting dark earlier.  All signs that winter (my least favorite season) is on it's way.  

I appreciated this reminder not to let the turkeys get me down.  

Terrible dark pictures of Katie roller skating at a birthday party.  

I'm thrilled she's so capable.  I don't roller skate, so it's awe inspiring to me.  

I'm reading my 5th/6th graders The Horse and His Boy this year.  (We did Magician's Nephew last year.)  I decided to get the Narnia map I'd grown up with, but I was disappointed in the quality of this version.  It's not a printed paper poster like the one I had as a kid.  It's photo paper, and not great print quality.  It feels like someone took a cell phone photo of the real map and printed that.  

Katie's flag football season is drawing to a close.  They won one game this year.  

Took the cats in for their shots.  It's nobody's favorite.  I ended up bleeding and Grumman and Fiona gave me the side eye for the rest of the day.  

I stopped at a local Little Free Library to swap some books, and it was full of baby frogs!

It's been a while since I've been up close & personal with amphibians.  

We read a book about the changing season and watercolored autumn leaves on diffusing paper.  

I like that I could use different leaf shapes for different classes, so I could see at a glance which dry leaves belonged in which stack.  The following week, we mounted the leaves on construction paper and wrote Give Thanks in paint marker for a fall decoration.  I didn't get any pictures of the finished projects, though.  

I'm pretty sure there's a picture of Annaliese very similar to this somewhere.  Just purple softball uniforms instead of blue flag football ones.  Katie is #2.  

Speaking of Katie, she had a birthday!

My baby is 13.

At the pumpkin patch for evening church one night.  

This story isn't finished yet.  I introduced my 2nd graders to Kandinsky, and we're working on a Kandinsky inspired project.  

Here's the example I made them.  Fingers crossed they can create something similar.  

My eclipse supplies.  I sat outside on the porch swing for the whole thing.  The kids popped in and out of the house.  

We were in the 80% band of the map.  We did have some clouds, but they were moving quickly, so we got some good views.  

No, Grumman did not look at the sun.  

Is it me, or does the eclipse look like the French hood Anne Boleyn wore?  Not that I'm Tudor obsessed or anything.

Fiona IS autumn decor.  

She's also a fairly good seat warmer.  

Jack's boss needed an aerial shot of his business for the county.  So Jack and I flew the drone one morning.  (Okay, Jack flew the drone while I hovered nearby telling him not to crash, not to go over the road, not to go too high, and other "helpful" things.)  

Tell me you've been flying a drone without telling me you've been flying a drone.  I'm just glad he had access to the roof it came down on.  

Still weird.  

Grumman pulls random things out of the clean laundry and drags them upstairs to me.  He was really enjoying this pair of boxers.  

Fiona would much rather hold down my latest projects in the sewing room.  

Speaking of projects, this was a fun one.  Our city was holding a drive through donation event for the food bank.  Instead of going through the pantry and pulling out random garbanzo beans and such, we made birthday cake kits.  A couple 4 packs of disposable covered casserole pans, cake mix, frosting, candles, extra packs of unopened napkins from birthdays gone by.  I printed coloring pages, and we put a colored page in the bottom of each one, hoping to brighten the recipients' day.  

My step mom sent us an advent calendar.  I put it away so I wouldn't peek at it.  Now to remember 1) to pull it out on the right day, and 2) where "away" is when the time comes.

The school choir performed in church.  I was impressed.  The accompanist lost her guitar strap in the middle of the song, and the kids kept right on singing while she seated herself and began playing again.  

I've found some odd things in the washer over the years.  But this was my first pair of scissors.  Instead of, "WHO PUT SCISSORS IN THE LAUNDRY?!?!" which would have elicited panic and lies, I left a note on the white board, and the guilty party laughed and indicated they'd seen it.  

This year's school pictures, brought to you by the color orange.  Not sure why they're using the Trump filter on everybody, but several of the moms were like, "This barely looks like my kid.  They're supposed to be blonde, not redheaded."  

Unlike the cake kits, this was an idea that was better in my head.  I had no idea how long caramel takes to melt, and by the time it finally did, the kids had lost interest and wandered off.  The results weren't really worth the trouble, so we won't be doing this one again.  

Stay tuned for visits from the adult kids.  Maybe if I get really inspired I'll even go back and share the highlights of the rest of our road trip.  It really was quite the adventure.  

Monday, October 23, 2023

Catching up on non-trip happenings

Gah!  I got distracted and stopped blogging.  Again.  Let's see if I can do a photo dump and catch up a little.  

Presents for the grandkids from our road trip.  

The girls attended a week of Hand Camp again this summer.  

Such a blessing!  They had a great time, and it does my heart good to have them in an environment where limb differences are totally normal.  

They came home tired, of course.

Grumman, impersonating a normal cat.  He doesn't usually do boxes.  

Oh, those pinterest ideas.  Sigh.  

I thought I'd try one of those pretty melted crayon canvases.  I kept seeing them in my feed and thinking how easy it looked to get great results.  

It was set to be 106*, so I put it out before we went to church and left it alone all day.  

The result was... disappointing.  

Hannah designs weapons in her spare time.  Rolled paper and paper clips became nunchucks.  She was contemplating adding marbles inside the tubes to give them more weight.  

Grumman was fascinated.  

He's a pretty boy.  

I love my first bulletin board this school year.  We have lots of paper book covers, and it was fun to get to use them creatively.  

Fiona, hiding in the shelves.

First day of school!  

Is it a bad sign when you go in for an office "procedure" and they give you a stress ball to squeeze if you feel any "discomfort"?

Hannah needed a pet photo for the yearbook, and Grumman grudgingly obliged.  He really does like her.  They have a whole routine where they play after her bath, and he claws her wet hair.  

We're on a hard boiled egg kick here.  One batch, I forgot to crayon them while they were hot (when they crayon melts against the shell, leaving a vivid THIS IS HARD BOILED! warning to anyone reaching for eggs) and my later attempts were faint Asian character looking lines.  

Oh Fiona.  That's not your most flattering pose, sweetheart.  

I saw this bus while I was out, and it mentioned free student passes.  I looked it up, and it's a pretty cool program.  On demand, corner to corner (as opposed to door to door) service.  We got Hannah a free pass at the library.  I think it would be good for her to learn to navigate public transport, I just haven't figured out where to have her go yet.  

Katie fell.  I admire her toughness.  She's a trooper.  

Hey, look, we've hit September!  We're really rolling along now!  My 9/11 book display.  

I had my 4th grade class make book cats inspired by my bulletin board.  It was a fun project.  I left them up for a couple weeks as library decor before sending them home.  

Whew!  I'll break this here.