A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Our Week or Two


I introduced the kindergarteners to Wikki Stix in the library.  Great fine motor skills tool.  I did have a couple ask for a hand wipe afterwards, though.  These are brand new, so maybe they won't be quite so sticky after repeated playings.  

One of my boys got to go somewhere where they could see the Northern Lights, and sent me this cool picture.  

More books.  We pick up lots of little piles, and suddenly we have lots and lots of books here that need to go back.  

A rare moment where Grumman graced me with his presence.  He's so not a lap kitty that it's a treat when he chooses to snuggle a bit.  

We've been having the kids take notes in church, and then going over them at dinner, usually Monday or Tuesday.  When Paul works on Sundays, this gives him a chance to hear what the message was about (especially nice when he misses one in the middle of a series).  When he's home, it gives him a chance to assess the kids' notetaking and retention skills.  

All that to say, this is why there are a pile of church bulletins on the table.  Which apparently someone used to make a card structure.  

In the school library, we used markers to color coffee filters, then sprayed them with water to blend the colors a bit.  

The following week, the students mounted them on black paper and used paint markers to embellish their space scene with stars, planets, even some astronauts and spaceships from some students.  

Lots of space books on display right now.  

The second graders got to make constellation viewing tubes.  

This actually went well, and if I'd had more TP tubes saved up, I would have done it with another class.  

Hannah has also been reading the Mrs. Pollifax books that I'm rereading, so we "fight" (teasingly) over who gets them first.  

Also, the Michigan books were a result of me planning a trip there with the girls this summer.  Adding a new state to my list, and it will be the farthest east the girls have been in the US.  

Speaking of Hannah, little miss played piano in church again.  

More books.

One of my space dresses to go with our space theme in the library.  

I should probably stop calling her little miss at some point, since she's now **15**.  :mind blown:

I think this is the only picture I took during the Fine Arts Fundraiser.  Katie is in the pink shirt & gray hoodie.  She was in a skit; Hannah played 2 piano pieces.  This was the first production in which Jack did not die on stage.  Although he was fencing with another cast member, and leapt onto a table during their joust, so it wasn't outside the realm of possibility.  

The middle schoolers are learning about the solar system, so I had them help me with this display.

So... I booked a little trip.  I saved all the money I earned sewing masks, and most of my paychecks this school year, and now I'm ready to travel again.  My thought process was a bit convoluted, but the whole thing started as, "I want to take a cruise."  The cruise I finally settled on is to France and Spain, departing from Southampton, England.  Well, if I'm going to be across the pond anyway, I might as well take a few days to see LONDON, right?  I'm crazy excited.  

Katie decided to do this puzzle from Christmas, and then almost immediately decided it was "too hard" and that she "couldn't" do it.  I reminded her that we can do hard things, and she kept chipping away at it.  I got her solar system kit (a school project that's due tomorrow) and told her she needed to finish the puzzle before she could start the project, so she'd have somewhere to work on it.  She grumbled, but she got it done.  

Since the Wikki Stix went over so well with the kindergarten class, I decided to try asking the middle school students to build dinosaurs with them.  

Which went well for about 7 minutes, and then there were balls of Wikki stuck to the ceiling.  :sigh:  

Grammy sent the girls a package!

It's an herb garden!  If all goes well, we'll plant it next weekend, and then the girls can show off their ready to harvest plants when I get back from Europe.  

It's Teacher Appreciation Week.  The doors at school got decorated.  We had a catered taco bar in the staff lunchroom yesterday.  And one of the students brought me a little candle.  

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Art Museum

Not a field trip with the kids this time.  I went to Crocker Art Museum with a friend.  

These Greek vases made me smile.  Back several years in our homeschool journey, we did several Greek vase projects until we were all a little sick of them.  Time changes perspective, doesn't it?

So, Crocker was one of the "Big 4" in Sacramento history.  Guys with money, who brought the railroad here, and were in business and banking and such.  We'd learned about them years ago at the railroad museum in Old Sac.  The building that houses Crocker Art Museum was their residence.  The photo above doesn't do the amazing ceiling justice.  

There was a whole room full of dishes.  Lots of interesting patterns.  I was a little surprised at the ones with bugs on them.  Personally, I don't want bugs, real or painted, on my dishes, but to each his own.  

Not only was the ceiling detail interesting, the floors were, too.  This one was tiled in a quilt pattern, and there was another floor that was beautifully painted.  

2nd story ballroom.  Note the giant hole in the ceiling?  The 3rd floor has a vaguely donut shaped room that looks down into the ballroom.  It's currently lined with paintings, including a couple that reminded me of the Hanoverians in the British monarchy.  --I've been watching lots of history videos lately.  And the paintings were German portraits.  

The column is more impressive in person, with it's impressive height and it's shimmering gold leaf.  Gorgeous building.  

The dishes above and below remind me of old European heraldry.  

I think it would be cool to have a coat of arms and a seal.  

We could have spent far longer than the 2 hours we budgeted for at the museum.  There's a courtyard between wings of the building.  

This made me smile because I love the colors.  

More neat floor.

And check out this door!  It was probably 10' tall.  

(I'm not *actually* touching the door.  Brianna and I send each other pictures touching things we're probably not supposed to be touching.)  

This is one of the twin staircases that wind down from the 3rd floor to the 2nd.  

Writing desk, photos & other memorabilia.  The gold coins are a horticultural prize.   

Pictures don't really do these justice.  The pitcher is a translucent purple beneath all the decorations.  

More dishes.

These are from modern Native American artists.  

More modern works

This bust graces one of the twin staircases.

And that's it!  It was a fun morning.  We didn't see everything, but it was nice to fill my head with other perspectives.