A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Mostly Books and Cats

I like to blog on Fridays.  I don't work on Friday, so it's a time when there are fewer interruptions.  The last few Fridays have had other things going on, though, so it hasn't happened.  I can't imagine the holidaze will be much better, but I'll try.  

The electric sunbeam is out again.  Fiona spends the lion's share of her time either in the rocking chair or in front of the space heater.  

I'm plowing through another junk food for the brain series of murder mysteries.  I try to throw meatier, more substantive books (biographies, history, etc) in from time to time, but I do love me some fluff.  

This is why there's a lint roller in the sewing room.  

I was doing my lesson planning and Fiona was fascinated by the printer.  Grumman follows me around.  He wants to be near--but not touching--me.  

from Bad Kitty Searching for Santa

I feel you, Kitty.  I'm not a big fan of this season, either.  

One of my second graders decided Curious George wanted to read about monkeys.

I subbed for kindergarten recently.  We did their spelling words in sidewalk chalk.  It's one of my favorite "cool teacher" things to do.  

I fired up Crikey to make a graduation card for Josiah, and then never got a picture of the finished card!  :facepalm:  More to come on that.  

Still trying to hit the city library every Saturday.  Hannah recently went to the library and out for boba tea with a friend, so she gets two trips to the library this week.  

Fiona curled up in a plastic bag.  I shooed her out, tied it in a knot and threw it away, because it freaked me out a little.  

They grudgingly accept a closer proximity when there's heat involved.

I think it's hilarious when Grumman sits at the table.  He knows not to get on the table, but sitting in a chair lets him see what's going on up there.  

I need to post about graduation and Thanksgiving and December crafting.  Hoping I can get those up in the next few days.  


  1. Whoa! Fiona looks like a mature, grown up cat all of a sudden! I'd be freaked out by finding her in a plastic bag, too!

    I hope we can teach our kitties to stay off the table like Grumman does. The other day Cleo climbed on a chair, peeked over the top of the table and got down. Then she climbed on to the next chair and did the same. She did it down the whole length of the table, and I just laughed at her cute little face coming up and going down in a different seat each time.

    (I like mystery fluff, too.)

    1. Somewhere, there's a picture of Grumman *mostly* on the windowsill, looking at me with one paw on the table. It cracks me up. We've been pleasantly surprised that neither Grumman nor Fiona gets up on the kitchen counters, either.

      I feel mildly guilty for reading fluff, but I plow through 3 or 4 fluff books in the same time it would take me to slog through something I'm not as interested in, so I'm trying to let that go.