A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Week of the Empty Bookcase

Sounds a little bit like a Nancy Drew title, doesn't it?  Week of the empty bookcase has involved a lot of shuffling and dust.  

This cake missed making it into the Mother's Day post.  I'm not much of a cake person, but I appreciated the thought.  

I couldn't believe how chill Cairo was in the bath!  I guess I got the temp Just Right for her.  

Love the purrito look.  

Oslo in the laundry basket.

One morning when we were out for our ride/walk/jog, I noticed my shorts were almost the same color as my legs.  I hope the neighbors didn't think I was half naked.  

The kittens were looking all tired and cute, so I took a picture.  

The *click* of the iPad made them all wake up and blink at me.  

I've been working on the school room this week!  One of my projects was to take pictures of some curriculum to sell.  Grumman decided to "help" with that.  Oh Grumman.  

The girls are bored with nothing assigned each morning, so I pulled out a new puzzle from their respite at home box.  Hopefully, I'll be showing a finished picture next week.  

Big haul of library books this week.  

When cleaning the school room, I came across one of the golden eagles we made almost 5 years ago.  Probably time to let that craft go.  

Dubious milestone this week.  The kittens popped out of the tub.  It happens with every litter, but it's always a little sad when it does.  They now have free reign in my room during the day, and are in the playpen at night.  Notice Quito's toy?  One of Grumman's pipe cleaners.  I guess it's not as weird as I thought, because the kittens are fascinated with them, too.  

Speaking of the kittens playing with Grumman's toys, there's Oslo, figuring out the ball track.  

 Don't feel too bad for Grumman, though.  He's discovered the sea monkeys.  I'm surprised they're still alive.  I tend to forget them for a week at a time.  

Eventually, I got pictures of 6 different years/levels of My Father's World curriculum, 

and posted them on the MFW curriculum exchange Facebook group.

I've shipped out a couple boxes so far, and it's looking like I'll have another couple of pieces going out Monday.  

I've got each level bagged up separately, so stuff doesn't get mixed up.  

It's all rather exhausting, right Grumman?  I love it when he wants to hang out with me, but I have had to pull the keyboard out from under him so I can type.  

All of this rearranging has led to our first empty bookcase!  I kind of wish I'd taken some "before" pictures of the school room, because I'm looking forward to how much better things will look when we get to "after."  

Besides trying to sell off some curriculum, we've also identified some books that our family is finished with.  Starting to see gaps on the other bookcases, too.  

Lots of organizing going on.  

Over the years, we've bought a lot of books, and been given a lot of books.  It's time to set some free to be enjoyed by others.  

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Our Mother's Day Week

Time keeps getting away from me.  The good of that, is that I'm staying nice & busy.  The bad of that, is that I thought I shared this blog post days ago, but I never finished it.  

This is the chunk of hall outside the actual waiting room that's reserved for patients only.  I was invited to sit here while Josiah was having his procedure.  

I ended up wandering off, and found an outdoor (and thus unmasked) nook where I could sit and read instead.  It was quite pleasant, and I only saw one other human the whole time I was out there.  No real answers yet, unless you count knowing what it's not.  

I had a nice Mother's Day Week.  Eli's flowers arrived on a Wednesday, 

this lovely box of goodies arrived on Thursday from Annaliese, 

Paul left me flowers when he went to work on Saturday, 

And on Sunday, Jack made me a breakfast burrito, 

Sam brought me a plant for the front porch, Josiah and Katie made a cake, 

and Miss Adorable stopped by with a box of chocolate!  

Then on Monday, Zach had lunch delivered for me.  It was kind of nice, spreading it out a bit.  

The foster kittens continue to be cute.  Cairo is the most timid, and will run and hide if given the chance.  

Oslo seems like the "baby" of the litter.  She came to us the lightest, but she's always the first one to the food bowl, so I'm guessing she's closing the gap.  I need to pull out my scale and weigh them.  

And there's Miss Quito, confirming Grumman's worst suspicions.  They're still here.  He's not impressed.  Worse, one of Josiah's friends brought a dog over, and with Grumman refusing to come in my room while the kittens are here, he didn't have his go to hiding place.  

The Saturday before Mother's Day is Birth Mother Day.  The girls' first moms are always on my mind at Mother's Day, so I thought Hannah and Katie might be thinking of them, too.  Their journal entries were very different.  It was a treat to get a glimpse into such a private spot in their hearts.  

Our book haul.  Still some things from the school year coming in as they become available.  We put some more stuff on hold this week.  Hannah requested the final Lord of the Rings book, and Katie requested the Fudge books.  

Grumman supervises, while the girls purge their art piles from the school year.  I'm glad we got pictures of everything; it's hard for me to let that stuff go.  I wish I'd bought the spiral art paper pads earlier in the year, so everything was bound and easy to keep.  

My Valentine's Day gift this year was a fan.  Since it got up into the 90s this week, it seemed like a good time to assemble it and put it to use.  

Is there anything more adorable than a man playing with kittens?  I'm really going to miss Sam when he leaves next month.  I know that he's going to be fine, and I'm excited for him to take his next steps in life, but he's a big presence, and the house will seem empty without him.  

Paul got me a lamp for the sewing room a while back that has a USB port.  Which is helpful, because I often use my phone and iPad in there, and I only have 1 charger in there.  So I bought a 3 pack of phone charger cords.  The cord I use at the computer in the school room was super frayed and only connected if you held it just right.  I plugged one cord into the computer and plugged one cord into the lamp, and put the other cord In A Safe Place for later.  

The Put The Trash Cans Out alarm on my phone went off one morning while the phone was plugged in, causing it to vibrate off my table and crash to the floor.  I'm really glad I didn't have to pry that little piece out of my phone!  But obviously this cord is trash now.  I had a moment of panic, trying to remember where the heck that Safe Place was that I'd put the last spare cord.  Fortunately, I found it in the second place I looked.  All 3 cords are now in service.  Maybe I should have bought the 5 pack!  

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Our Kitteny Week

Okay, so kitteny probably isn't a real word, but surprisingly, I'm not getting the dreaded Red Squiggly Line telling me the word is misspelled, so I guess someone, somewhere uses it.  

That's Sam's foot again.  It seems to be making regular appearances on the blog these days.  Left kitten is Quito, right kitten is Cairo.

You can see a little more of Quito's beautiful coloring here.  

And baby Oslo.  

I took a picture of their habitat as soon as I returned them to it after cleaning.  They get it messy so quickly!  Our big news this week is that 2 of the kittens are now using the litter box!  Huzzah!  They'll be allowed more roaming time when they're all 3 consistently going where they're supposed to.  

We did some moving around in the girls' room, which I didn't think to take a picture of.  Paul swapped dressers with Katie, so we had to rearrange things to make the side by side fit in the panda room.  This bag of hangers was my realization that the girls' clothes tend to fall off toddler/kid hangers at this point, so it's time to move to standard sized ones.  Another reality check that my babies... aren't.  Bag going on the neighborhood app to see if they can find a new home.  

Our end of year art show.  I asked the girls to choose 3 of their favorite art pieces from this year.  I put a couple of mine in, too, as we pulled them down from the school room walls.  

Projects from a library book.  Hannah's coded writing sign, and Katie's fire dogs.  

Hannah's sequined fish.  

This is what my school room table looked like after my zoom tutoring session this week.  My learner asked a question about /k/ and /s/ made by the letter C, so I grabbed my flash card packs from Logic Of English and found her a rule card for that, and for G's similar thing with /g/ and /j/.  Homeschool curriculum for the win!  

Notice the Star Wars shirts?  Sam and the girls had a SW marathon on May the Fourth, and they all 3 dressed for the occasion.  

The drawings are from their outside time while I was tutoring.  

Picked up my new glasses this week.  They're exactly like my old glasses, except a slightly different prescription, so as I put these away to be a back up pair, I though it might be time to start labeling the old ones.  That way, if I ever need one of the back up ones, I know which is most recent.  

Happy Mother's Day to me!  Eli sent me these gorgeous tulips and another butterfly suncatcher (pictured with Grumman in the background).  

Another sad little pile of books (we really need to beef up our requests!) with an exhausted after school Jack in the background.  

Look!  It's a purrito!  The kittens are finishing up a round of eye drops, and when I wrapped Quito to administer them, she crouched down in the hand towel.