A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Our Meet the Grandbaby Week

First up, proof that I finished the silly bulletin board I showed unfinshed last week.  

I used Crikey to cut the ornaments, and then I glued on printed book covers of various Christmas books we have in the library.  

Since I only needed about 10" of the second garland, I hung the rest on the stair rail at home to add a little festive touch.  This morning, I found it taken down by the cats, and then I found sparkly metallic cat hork later, so I guess that was a bad idea.   

Josiah and Miss M on Thanksgiving.  

Thanksgiving was a low key affair, and this was the only picture I took, lol.  Turkey was had.  Combs and shaving were optional.  

But the weekend after Thanksgiving, we got a whirlwind visit from Zach & Heather & Brayden & Kasen.  Kasen was asleep when they arrived, and it took a lot of self control to wait to get my hands on him, after already waiting over 4 months.  

There he is!

I know it's required by the grandmother code of conduct to think your grandkid is the best, but Kasen really is a happy, sweet, good-natured baby.  

You can even ask grandpa.  

So we visited, and we had lunch...

...then we played Snake Oil, and when Kasen started to almost make fuss noises, 

I did the Nai Nai bouncy sway thing for a bit.  

And he crashed out on me for over an hour.  :swoon: 

Then we had some dinner,  

Gave the tree a little pat, 

and all too soon, it was time to say goodbye for who knows how long.  :sigh:  

Fired up Crikey again this week, to make a star topper for my militree.  "Your what?"  

My militree (military tree).  It's got Air Force and Marine Corps and red & blue ornaments on it.  I've decided I want a bigger one next year.  I'll probably go 4', since my strand of red/white/blue lights isn't terribly long.  

The morning after putting it up, 3 ornaments were down, but the cats have pretty much let it be since then.  I think I've put one more ornament back on it since then.  

The girls each made a craft from a library book during Thanksgiving break.  They're now on the front room tree, which we have yet to decorate, because Fiona likes to climb it.  I feel like we really should give it a try, though.  

Josiah's phone died, too, so he bought his very first iPhone.  

While I was in Crikey mode, I started some ornaments.  They're not done yet.  The vellum (music notes) reacted poorly to the glue I used, so that one is trash, but I'm going to use scraps to test a couple different adhesives and see if I can find one that works better.  Paul suggested "Hodge Podge," so Mod Podge will now be called that forever.  Hobby Lobby didn't have piano or music note paper, or I would not have purchased the vellum.  I was trying to make an ornament for Hannah's piano teacher at school.  

I've talked about the website Art Projects For Kids lots of times, and shown the drawings Hannah & Katie have made from their directions.  I sprang for one of the murals, and used it with my students this week.  


  1. I like your ornament design! Does your Energizer Bunny battery ever wear down?

    1. Cricut's Design Space is a pretty good program for making almost anything I can think up. The ornament outline was already available. All I did was add the inner circle.

  2. Such sweet time with your grandbaby. Blessings to you all.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I wish they weren't so far away. I'm sad to miss his first Christmas. But I'm glad I finally got to meet him.