A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Clued In Kids treasure hunts

Our family got the chance to review for Clued in Kids, makers of awesome treasure hunts.  We received both the Multiplication Dragons Treasure Hunt (2X-6X tables), and the Halloween Treasure Hunt.

We had a fabulous time with these!  As the parent, I love that the clues are all laid out, so the work is all done for me, yet I can still be creative in how I apply hints like, "in or on a lamp."

I had the boys stay in their room while I hid the clues, so they got to learn where their siblings shoes and pajamas are kept.

It was fun to lead them all over the house searching, and they practiced their times tables without even realizing it.

"A clue!  A clue!"  (Yes, I parented through the Blue's Clues era.)

I wish you could hear the fits of giggling as they were fighting over who was going to read the newest clue.

One of the things I liked about these hunts is that each one had something the kids had to draw in order to receive their next clue from the hunt master (that would be ME).

One hunt had them draw nests of dragon eggs.

Another hunt had them draw 4 headed dragons!

Focused on figuring out where to hunt next.

When I first got the review, I thought, "Oh, I have to come up with a LOT of prizes.  That's going to be hard."  But what I discovered is that it wasn't that difficult after all.  The prize above was a craft.  I got the boys blank bags and stickers, foamies, washi tape, etc. to decorate loot bags to use at the harvest festival.

Other prizes included a gold panning kit, a game, a new book to read aloud together,

and candy was a favorite, of course.

The hunts I received are printable, so you can get started as soon as you download and print them.

Clued in Kids also sells some pre-printed hunts.

They have a gluten free hunt, and a happy tummy hunt, for kids with special dietary issues.

The Multiplication Dragons hunt set (which is several hunts in one download) sells for $19.99.

The Halloween hunt sells for $5.99.

Our mailbox is down the street, so we even got some fresh air during our hunts.

Drawing dino eggs.

One of the amusing things that happened was when one of the clues was "gloves."  Paul keeps a box of gloves out in the garage, so I hid the clue there and when the boys were a clue or two ahead of this one, I took the camera out to the garage to wait for them.

Turns out, I should have brought a book with me!  It took them forever to find me (and the gloves) out in the garage.  We had a good laugh, and I hope it encouraged them to think outside the box a bit more.

Sometimes the clues need to be read in a mirror.

I really loved how easy these hunts were to set up.  It literally took 10 minutes or less to hide all the clues and the "treasure" at the end for each hunt.

And the boys had a fabulous time!  We had a lot of laughs while they were hunting.

One of the nice things about this being a printable resource is that I can use the hunts again with girls when they're old enough.

Here's a list of the hunts currently available from Clued in Kids:
Baseball (printable)
Christmas Treasure Hunt Greeting Card
Gluten-Free Treasure Hunt (printable)
Halloween (printable)
Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt (printable):
Homework Reward Treasure Hunt (printable) Receive this treasure hunt for free by subscribing to the Clued in Kids newsletter!
Multiplication Dragons (printable)
Pirate Clue Book
Playdate Clue Book
Princess Clue Book
Slumber Party Clue Book
Thanksgiving (printable)
Winter (printable)

Some of the hunts can be used by kids as young as 4.  Treasure hunts are fun for a huge span of ages,  they are great to use with siblings, and teens can even set up a hunt for younger siblings.  My "hunters" were 10 and 13, and the hunts suited them well.

To read reviews from other Crew families about the various hunts listed above, just click the box below!  You can connect with Clued in Kids on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, or on their blog.

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  1. How fun! My kids like doing treasure hunts, too, and I haven't done one in a while.

    1. I remember my aunt doing one for me when I was a kid, and I still remember one of the clues was, "Something white hides well on something white." The prize was in a white box on the side of the white garage. :)