A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Our Week with Safety Town

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the busy color coded schedule I posted last weekend for this week.  Summer is an interesting mix of relaxed and crazy.

Lots of naps continue to happen here.  Jack loves these Paddington books.  I think we have 9 now.  I'm so thrilled to see him reading for pleasure!

Best news of the week:  New dishwasher!  We've been without one for months, and everyone is happy to have one again.

Hopefully this one will last a while.  We are so hard on appliances.

Little Miss Katie started Safety Town this week!

Brianna is getting her community service hours in as a teen helper.

I'm grateful for her observations of Katie.  She has mentioned some behaviors that make me realize that keeping Katie at home this coming school year is the right choice for her.

Katie is learning to operate in a group of her peers, and learning to bring her "homework folder" to and from "school" each day.  She's also learning about lots of different facets of safety: traffic safety, bike safety, personal safety, water safety, fire safety, home safety, poison safety, and on and on.  It's a pretty impressive program, and both girls are enjoying it.  I'm glad they're interacting with our community police officers in such a positive way.

You can't see him, but Eli is sitting in the van after practice one day, waiting for me to get out of the UPS Store.  Unfortunately, I picked the store with the world's slowest notary, and there was one other customer ahead of me.  I ended up being there for half an hour to get a single document notarized.

No, we're not adopting again.  I'm digging up documents to prove lineal descent from an American Revolution ancestor (his military record was in the envelope above), and the Sworn Statement I needed notarized was for a vital records request.  I've really enjoyed digging into our family history, and I'm pretty excited about all the interesting things I'm finding.  This week, I discovered a photograph of my great grandmother, and a variety of news articles from a small town paper that mention that branch of the family tree.

Wheelie is avoiding the heat by napping on my bed under the ceiling fan.  It got to 106* here this week.

Hannah made the word FREE out of Legos.

And I finally sewed up the pillowcase I've been promising to make for Jack.  Paddington fabric I bought when we were reading the first book.  In February.  It shouldn't take 4 months to make a pillowcase.

Katie and Brianna practicing one of their Safety Town songs for me.

We pulled the Magnatiles (affiliate link) out last week, and they've seen almost constant use since then.  They really are a favorite around here.

Next week is more Safety Town.  I'm also hoping to make the time to walk with a friend.  I've lost 11 pounds since Luke moved.  His birthday is next week, so he's been on my mind a lot lately.  He seems to be settling in well with his new family.

We have a couple of fun reviews in the works, as well as a couple of more involved curriculum reviews to work on, in between all the running around we've been doing.  

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  1. Awesome week. We went months without a dishwasher last year. I love my new one. How long do you homeschool each child?
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We've always said, "Education is a year by year, child by child decision." *Most* of the kids have homeschooled 1st through 8th grades. Katie is my 3rd child to be homeschooled for kindergarten. Josiah went to classroom school after 5th grade. It really just depends on their needs and our family situation at the time. But I've been homeschooling at least 1, and as many as 5, for the past 18 years.

  2. What a fun and busy week! Yay for the new dishwasher! That is on my wishlist. Ours still works but it's kind of yucky and may not last much longer.

    1. We've gone through countless appliances over the years. Dishwashers last us about 2 years, unfortunately. This one seems really spiffy, so I'm hoping it will last longer. Especially as we're anticipating a couple of the worst offenders for putting unrinsed dishes in to be moving out in the next several months.

  3. We are awfully hard on appliances too but I often think it's just because they don't make them like they used to... either that or there is a weird curse on our house! We're in the midst of repairing our chest freezer this week.

    1. That's a good point. I think there's a bit of planned obsolescence going on. Good luck with your freezer! Paul's hoping to replace a faucet this week or next. It never stops, does it?