A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Backyard Egg Hunt

My posts seem to be getting further away from the date the action occurred, and also more sparse in general.  The ol' blog may be winding down. 

We had 5 hunters this year.  Josiah and Brianna decided they were too old.

And they're off!

Actually, I recently saw an idea on Facebook of hiding craft beers instead of eggs for one's adult children.  I may give that a try next year.

Each child's bucket color and egg color matched.

Brianna filled 35 eggs of each color.

We tried to make the yellow and pink ones slightly easier to find, for the younger kids.

The back yard needed to be mowed, but I asked Paul to put it off until after our hunt.

 The problem with that was... it was slightly unfair to Jack, whose color was GREEN.

Zach helped Brayden by playing hot and cold for the last few of his.

Sometimes they're right under our noses, and still so hard to see.

Brianna counts Katie's eggs to see if she's done.

I hope to see more of this guy during the summer.

Is it me, or are the kids leaving faster than I'm ready for?  I'm barely over Sam being gone, and Brianna leaves in 2 months.  I'm painfully aware that I only have a little over a year left with Eli.

Don't even want to think about Jack flying the nest.  Fortunately, we have all of high school to get through with him, first, and I know that parts of the high school years seem to drag on forever, so I think I'm good there. 

Happy Brayden! 

In the end, everyone but Jack found all their eggs (some had help for the last few).  Paul came across at least 3 more of Jack's green eggs when he mowed the weeds. 

Chocolate Easter egg cake by Josiah.  The "grass" is coconut with green food coloring, and the eggs are peanut M&Ms. 

My people.  Verklempt that my group shots seem to be shrinking. 

The "grown up-ish" ones of us played Apples to Apples while the youngsters simply played.  We did have one crisis, when Hannah and Brayden went over the edge off the trampoline, but no more than minor injuries were sustained.  Paul decided that it's time to take the trampoline down, since the net is no longer functional.  We've gone through 3 trampolines, and I think we may be done with them now. 

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  1. Not related to your post.... but do you have any recommendations for handwriting (print) for an 11 yr old boy? I remember you selling a bunch of your homeschool stuff awhile back. I follow you because I live in Stockton! Thanks!

    1. For printing, my first thought is Spelling You See. I *really* like their program, and they specifically say NOT to use cursive in the writing passages.

      If your son wouldn't care about the grade level, another thought would be A Reason For Handwriting. They use manuscript for Levels K, A, and B, and then T transitions kids from manuscript to cursive. If he likes to color, they do a special page each Friday on different border papers.

      I drove through Stockton today. Jack had a trap meet in Newman. (Which I had never heard of before, lol. It's 25 miles off the freeway.)

  2. Awesome thanks! Newman... I only know of the exit sign on the freeway! Im assuming not many people have a reason to be there... :)

  3. I'm responding most of all to your "shrinking" group shots comment. My oldest hasn't left the nest yet, but she is withdrawing from the family unit, and I constantly find myself counting to 14, only to realize it should be 13. It's weird. At the same time I'm really happy for my nearly adult kids to get to explore and become adults. What an odd thing--to have a shrinking family--even though it is good and right for kids to spread their wings and fly.

    1. It's been weird adjusting to adult children. I'm so glad I have a large family! I get to avoid the empty nest for a good long time to come. By the time the last ones leave, I'll better understand how to be the parent of adults. It's got to be hard for those who have only one or two to figure it all out at once.