A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Creative Pursuits

We're embracing summer laziness around here, but we're still doing some creative things. 

Josiah led the girls in another craft. 

Rock painting! 

This is Katie's carrot pizza face.  She insisted I take a picture.

I sewed something that wasn't a mask!!!  Fireworks peasant top for Hannah, using up some of my abundance of 1/4" elastic.

Funny story, the only peasant top pattern I had was a 4T.  Hannah wears a 12.  So I upsized it a bit.  I love the way my serger just trims off whatever didn't quite fit together.  I was kind of holding my breath until she tried it on, but I figured if it was too small, at least Katie could wear it.  Really glad it worked out okay.

Katie has been doing a lot of LEGO play lately.  Hannah and Jack have been watching Star Wars stuff together, and Hannah and Brianna have been watching Marvel stuff together, so Katie's been doing her own thing a bit more.  I'm really happy to see her creativity blossom with LEGOs.  This piece is a van.  She also did quite the house recently.

This is actually one of 3 parts to the house. 

Remember Push-ups ice cream treats?  We got a couple boxes of them recently and used empty TP tubes to make the plastic parts into little cars. 

Colored pencil, marker, washi tape.  

And the obligatory Father's Day coloring page. 

Lots of morning light coming through, even with the blinds closed, sorry.  The girls got a new Lego set as part of "respite at home" from an adoption group.  It was great fun for them to receive a new toy just because. 

COVID-19 numbers are spiking here, and I'm really feeling like we'll be homeschooling in the fall.  I spent some time planning things out yesterday, and I'm starting to get excited about it! 


  1. Your girls are so beautiful and growing up so much! That top is darling, and I think the little cars are my favorite of their crafts . . . though the painted rocks are exceptionally cute.

    Hooray for your blessed kids to get to be homeschooled again. I'm not criticizing you for having them go to school!! I know you and your husband make inspired choices for your family. I just think you do such a good job homeschooling them, and I look forward to reading your posts. :) And I'm happy you feel excited about the plans you have.

    1. I talked to the Independent Study coordinator at our school yesterday, and I'm leaning toward Jack doing their online program, so he can have a seamless transition back to the classroom when things improve, and his credits will all be under their umbrella. The girls and I will be doing My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures, which was literally my favorite homeschool year ever with the middle kids.

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