A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Rather Floral Week

The weather has teased up to almost 70* a few times, then goes back to 50s and clouds.  But it still feels like spring.  

Our neighborhood got a new Little Free Library, so I walked over and put some books in it.  I love seeing these, especially when I travel.  Books are meant to be shared.  

Coming back, I snapped a picture of a neighbor's daffodils because they made me smile.  They're one of my favorite flowers, but they're only around for such a short time.  

Our Australia themed art works this week.  I seem to be missing the kangaroos.  I'll try to get those next week.  

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Oops.  Works from last week, out of How to Draw Russia's Sights and Symbols.  Katie's is a statue on a bridge, and Hannah drew Lenin's Tomb.  

Our library books.  The girls did shark reports last week, and now they are working on reports on an Australian animal.  This is a challenge.  

Miss Adorable (Eli's girlfriend) brought over these beautiful flowers on my birthday.  

A quick selfie before Sam and I headed out to the nursery.  His gift to me was plants for the front porch.

On the right are my miracle snapdragons.  They're supposed to die off and come back each year.  Mine have just hung in there, surviving for more than a year now.  I planted some purple and pink snapdragons (hoping they'll be hearty, too) and some yellow marigolds.  

We also brought home this lovely lily, and then I used my Target gift card from Christmas to buy this pretty pot for it.  My grandmother had a thick patch of beautiful Calla lilies that survived my black thumb, so I have high hopes that this one may, too.  Every spring I want to make things grow.  Every summer, the Sacramento sun fries them.  

My dad sent me birthday flowers.  

Paul made my cake from scratch.  

Matilda at the park.  

Milestone this week!  She turned a year old in February, and just hit 5,000 miles.  

And yes, I said park.  Josiah's birthday gift to me was a picnic lunch (from our favorite burrito shop) and a walk by the lake.  Lake?  Hmm, it might be a pond.  Let me check.  No, the website says it's a lake.  At any rate, it's stocked with fish, and we saw several people fishing.  

The sunshine felt amazing, and the wildlife made me smile.  We've got to start getting out more!  

I have a silly habit.  I tend to buy cool stuff and then "save" it for a special occasion or special project.  Only... now I'm coming to The End; of homeschooling, of parenting, and I'm discovering that we never got to those special times, and never used the special stuff.  It's sad.  So this week, I pulled out the ShrinkFilm, and the girls made Australia ornaments.  

Unfortunately, it's been years since I used shrink film, and they folded in on themselves when they curled up.  I was able to save Hannah's, by working quickly with a couple of forks when we pulled them out, but Katie ended up redoing hers.  

Eventually, though, they both had lovely Australia ornaments.  

Or cat toys.  Oh Grumman.  

Perhaps we'll manage an Easter craft with the rest of the pack of shrink film.  


  1. I really like the opera house drawings. I'm glad you got a picnic and a lovely birthday. Happy birthday to you 🎁!! I like your selfie with Sam, too.

    You and I both seem to be reaching a lot of ends. Here's to new beginnings, too.

    1. Thank you.

      I'm starting to think about what I'll do with my time once the kids head back to school in the fall. I'm taking the training to help immigrants learn English, so perhaps some tutoring, some volunteering, maybe even take a class or two for me. What kind of new beginnings are you considering?