A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Our Memorial Day Week

We had out of town family visiting over the long weekend, which was wonderful.

They got to meet the foster kittens.

And my step mom and I took the girls to their first theater movie in a very long time.  

Some birthday shopping happened.  

I updated the Dad picture I keep in my phone.  (The old one was from 2019.)  

While the girls were at the movies, the guys went to the air museum.  

Jack came home full of "letter number number" stories.  F16, A10, P38, none of it means anything to me, so I tend to glaze over quickly.  

But he was happy, so I was happy for him.  

Grumman wasn't sure what to think of the extra feet in the house, so he stuck close to Sam's feet, because those are familiar.  Or the most odiferous.  Or something.  (Who knows what goes on in his little walnut sized brain?)  

The weather has warmed up here.  I can tell, because the cat is melting.  

Speaking of Grumman and Sam feet, omigosh, this was amusing.  Sam went camping with friends.  He came home with alllll the smells on his feet.  Grumman went nuts, rubbing, licking, biting, and finally laid down on a foot to just enjoy the sniffs.  

Library milestone this week.  Now that school is out, I can get into the classroom that currently has the school's books in it.  I took the girls with me, and we started scanning.  

The shelves with the index cards taped to them indicate books that are scanned.  At the end of the first day, we'd scanned 319 books.  

Many of the school's books are old and unscannable.  I'll be doing a lot of manual entering at some point.  

Quito purrito conquered the Sam.  The kittens have learned to climb, and are everywhere now.  3 kittens is double the work of 2 kittens.  

Jack went to a friend's house. and came home with a bag of cherries!  Win win!  

We've reached the playing with dirty laundry phase of kitten fun.  That's a mask.  

Day 2 in the library this week, I sent the girls out to play with friends (there were staff kids around, as the staff had one more week of school than the students did).  I spent my time stickering the books we scanned the day before, having typed up labels after dinner that night.  Many of the books had a crusty, yellowing, brittle label on them.  Some of those were easy to remove, so I took them off prior to sticking the new one on.  I had quite the pile of old labels and tape by the time I was done.  

A lovely shelf of stickers.  (Note the Nat Geo mags?  1974 is the oldest one I've noticed so far.)  

2 more stickered shelves.

I just love seeing this start to take shape!  It's still complete chaos and mess, but we're starting to group like things together.  I forgot to get a shot of the biography shelf.  I have a bucket of biographies at home, and the biography shelf at the school is growing as I find them in the piles, so we're going to have a nice bio section once we combine the two.  

No pictures from day 3, but we did more scanning, so now I need to sit down and churn out some more labels to apply next week.  Our total inventory is over 1,100 books entered so far, but we still have a long way to go.  I'm probably more than half done entering the books here at the house, but only about two ninths through the ones at the school.  

Part of Hannah's birthday shopping was a slingshot.  

And who better to teach her the finer points of sling shot-ing than Sam??  Who told a slingshot story I can't even repeat.  I face palm just thinking about it.  

The girls are working on another puzzle.  

This is a hard one.  It's an aerial city photo.  

These guys go in for a weight check on Monday.  Quito is 2# and the other two are close, so they may be staying at the shelter then.  It's always a little bittersweet to say goodbye, but Annaliese will be visiting soon, and she's allergic, so having fewer cats in the house seems like a good thing.  


  1. Grumman is adorable and so, so funny. I love how your library project is coming along.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Grumman has added so much to my life. I can't believe he's only been a part of it for 3 years now. He takes up a lot of space, lol.

  2. That library project makes me want to run and hide, but you're glorying in it. I'm so glad that all different kinds of people live in the world. I'm happy to enjoy the blessings of the hard work done by people like you. I have enough to keep my head above water . . . not even my head--just my nose is enough.

    What a funny Grumman licking and cuddling with feet!

    And I might mourn the leaving of your cute kittens from way out here in the mid-west. I hope you get a new litter soon. :) :) :)

    1. I think this will be a one-litter summer. :sigh: I'm busy with other things. I got my nurturing and poop cleaning fix, lol.

      The library project has given me purpose to replace homeschooling (again). I'm sure there will be overwhelming parts, but right now, I'm still enjoying it.