A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Mostly Books and Cats

This edition of Our Week is actually almost 3 weeks.  First, I didn't have much to say.  Then, things got busy and weird.  

A display of bird books and noisy birds for the primary kids.  The bird/card/letter tiles activity went over okay, except the kids wanted to keep the birds, of course.  3 of the cards walked away during the activity, so I may not be able to do it again next year, depending on how many students are in each class.  Lots of bird books were checked out, and I used the bird coloring pages from Twinkl as a "filler" afterwards.  

I think I mentioned that Hannah had decided that she wanted to quit piano.  Well, she changed her mind before her last lesson.  I'm glad she's still playing.  Her teacher has her working on a piece to play in church soon.  

Our library received a 70 book donation from the author of All About China, who is local to us.  I'm excited to have some new titles to put out with my upcoming Chinese New Year display.  

Grumman must have been chilly, because he climbed under the covers for a nap with me.  

Katie needed to pick up a copy of Wonder for school, so I took the girls into the library on Saturday.  We came out with so many books, Hannah couldn't carry all of hers.  

I thought Grumman might enjoy his bird videos on the big screen.  He was interested, but Fiona literally leapt into the air to try and get the birds.  Hmm, maybe not such a good idea.  

Then Miss Fiona had her spay surgery.  I was told when I picked her up that she was "spicy," clawing and biting the staff.  Which is not how she behaves at home.  I mentioned this to my dad, who had the unenviable task of putting a freaked out Fi in a carrier once and he said, "That critter knows when she's not safe."  She came home and laid on that blanket for about 3 hours straight.  

The kids were a little weirded out over her belly being shaved.  

Speaking of the kids, they're home this week.  The middle & high school teachers are out with Covid.  It was very weird going to work and leaving the kids here.  

Ignore the mistletoe; it's everywhere.  The trees are budding!!!  Spring is coming.  

I picked up some sugared pecans at Trader Joe's before Christmas, so when we did pretzel treats, I used those.  Oh my.  They were amazing.  I needed some more of those, so when I found similar pecans in the salad section of the grocery store, they followed me home.  

In my head, there would be another picture, of the finished treats, with the rolos slightly melted and the pecans squished down on top, but I didn't quite take that picture.  And once they came out of the fridge, they disappeared really quickly.  Yum.

Speaking of yum, I tried a new taco.  I threw a pouch of liquid taco sauce on some preshredded chicken.  So easy, and pretty tasty, too.  

This is how you can tell another week has gone by.  We're at the library again.  

I was mildly curious about historical fashion, but when I went to the library site to request A book, I found a few other things that looked interesting, too.  

To keep this from getting too long, I'm going to do a separate post with all our Chinese New Year "stuff."  Here's a little teaser:  

"I'll just lay this photo backdrop out flat in the school room to let the wrinkles diminish a bit."  

Oh Grumman.

You adorable goof fluff.

Fiona is doing much better now, but is spending more time on my lap than usual.  

She's a pretty girl.

Hey!  That's *my* chair!  

Grumman's so weird.  He's been burrowing under things lately.  

This picture really illustrates the difference between a 6# cat and a 12# cat.  

"I always feel like
somebody's watchin' me..."  


  1. Your Fiona is so sweet--even if she is also "spicy."

    We haven't been to the library with kids since pre-covid days. We just put stuff on hold. I miss going . . . sort of . . . at least I miss browsing the stacks on my own. It's just so much easier to send someone else to pick up or drop off books while I manage things at home.

    Several of your delightful ways of phrasing things made me smile. I so enjoy your style!

    Here's hoping for healthy teachers and healthy you!!!!

    1. The first couple times I took the girls back to the library felt a little weird. I think partly because the library we used to GO to was the park library, but the library we switched to for curbside pickup was the closer to us library. When I drove the monster full size van, I couldn't park it at the close library unless just the right spot was available, but Matilda fits just fine. So it's both the *going in* and the different library that feels a little off. Maybe next weekend we'll run across town to the park library.