A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Our Spring Break Week

I've been sewing!  I went to a quilt show with a friend, and came home with some new fabric, which inspired me.  

Here are the fabrics I picked up.  The center is a charm pack that coordinates with the two prints on the left.  

I decided these needed to be a bag.  These are the (sideways) front and back of the bag.  

I had the yellow piping in my bias tape bin.  The white is the lining of the external pocket.  

I picked up some foam interfacing at JoAnn's.  This is the "trying to figure out how to sew the guts and have everything right side out at the end" part.  

Seriously, Fiona?  Usually Grumman is the one messing with my sewing stuff.  

He must be a bad influence.  

The finished bag, side one.  Straps are made from navy, extra wide, double fold bias tape with a stripe of lime twill tape.  

And side two.  The inner lining is the bottom navy print.  I bought a Bagnet that's the baby green of the lower right charm square.  

Katie had a biome diorama project for school.  This is the "working on it the night before it's due, in pajamas with bath hair" picture.  

This is the, "Hey, Hannah, take a picture of your sister's finished project for me" on the way to school shot.  

Ah, now this is what usually happens.  While I was puttering in the sewing room, I found a UFO and decided to finish it.  So when I picked up the foam interfacing for the bag, I also got a yard of minkee to back the little blanket I was working on.  I got to the point where I was ready to put them together, so I spread the minkee out on the floor, and Grumman lost his mind.  He ran over, slid onto it like a baseball player, grabbed it, bit it, bunny kicked it...  little psycho.  

Eventually, I shoed the Grum away and serged the top to the minkee.  Then it was time to bind the edges.  My basket of bias tape yielded almost enough bias tape.  :sigh:  

The finally finished product.  (This UFO was started during the mask sewing part of the pandemic, 3 years ago.)  It's a small blankie, a good car seat size, so I'm sending it off to Texas for the grandbabies.  

I spy Fiona in the window.  

JoAnn's is dangerous for me.  Even though I went with a list of like 5 items I needed, I ended up with a few extras.  Such as this Starry Night inspired print that became napkins backed in navy flannel.  

And there's my Grum-lin (Grumman the gremlin) who immediately came over to "model" with them as soon as I tried to take a picture.  

Proof of life that Jack still exists.  He had something on his elbow that he couldn't see, so I was going to take a picture of it so he could look at his elbow.  He recently had a birthday and got new sheets as one of his gifts.  Because when you're an adult, presents can be practical.  

Katie brought home her mountain biome in one piece, so I took a better picture of it.  

While we were on Spring Break, Katie got the opportunity to participate in a medical study at Shriners.  

They took some measurements, we answered some surveys, and they had her do some step ups to get her heart rate up.  Then we went to the lab for a little finger stick blood test, and then a couple more measurements and we were done.  It was an easy way for us to give back in a small way for all the care we have received there.  

Dropping Jack off at work, we often see bunnies in the mornings, but this was the closest one we've seen.  I'm always afraid of hitting them as I roll through the teardrop shaped loop where I let him out, so I go really slowly.  

Having a week off has been a nice rest.  We've had one "thing" each day, but not been so booked up that it's been stressful.  Hopefully we'll go back refreshed and ready to hit the massive twirly slide that is the chaos time between Spring Break and the end of the school year.  


  1. Fun sewing projects! I like your new bag!!!

    And "almost enough" binding!?!!? That makes me want to cry (or goran in frustration). I ran into the same crisis as I tried to finish 6 bumblebee t-shirts for my daycare babies to wear in our final dance show. I had to do some quick thinking, because I reached this crisis 4 hours before the show began!

    May the "twirly slide that is the chaos time between Spring Break and the end of the school year" at least be fun!!

    1. Oh, costume sewing for a production would really stress me out! I don't enjoy deadlines or pressure to be perfect. But bumblebee tees sound adorable. I hope there's a picture.

      So far library is still fun. Yesterday involved play doh and today had paint, so I'm lightening up some on the "academics" and trying to cut myself extra slack, as most of the staff are pretty fried about now. I feel extra blessed to be able to do whatever I want. I know some of them are stressed about finishing the curriculum. I may do bubble wands again this year. That went over really well last year. If I can find a book to tie it to.