A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Week - Starting with Easter

Another week has flown by!  Paul and I had our wedding anniversary this week, and I've now been married half my life!

My little hunters last weekend, all ready to head out to the back yard to find 130 eggs.  Brianna is missing in these pictures because she took advantage of Spring Break to go to a friend's house for a couple days.

Probably not too many hunts left with my big boys.

I think this is the last picture I captured of Josiah that day.  He got his 21 eggs and faded away.

 Searching, counting...  Hannah was the second one to get to 21.

 Every single year, I hide eggs up on the fence.  And every single year, they walk right by them.  We end up playing hot & cold for the last few eggs most years.  Can I just say that pink eggs hide really well next to a pink slide in the long weeds grass?

But eventually all 130 eggs were found!

This week, Eli made a stealth bomber.  Which I mistakenly thought was a fighter jet.  Silly me.  One of the joys of parenting teens is being looked at like you're hopelessly clueless because they know more than you do, right?

We watched the last episode of our Home Art Studio DVD.  I'm sad to see it end!  We'll have to get another one next school year.  This time, the boys made clocks inspired by Salvadore Dali.

This one is Eli's.  They were made using Sculpey and then baked to harden, and painted the next day.

This one is Jack's.

Hannah and Katie are very excited to be sharing a room now.  We moved Luke's crib & changing table out of the panda room and went to Ikea to get the super low loft bed to use as a "bunk bed" for the girls.

Paul put it together while I took pictures and handed him pieces.

The finished setup.  As you can see from the height of the window, the "top bunk" is super low.  We were a little concerned about Hannah being able to navigate it when not wearing her leg, but she's doing great with it so far.

This bed is literally perfect for Katie, who still falls out of the toddler bed regularly.  Her mattress is 4" high, so between the larger, twin sized mattress giving her more room to thrash about, and the minuscule drop to the floor, I haven't needed to go in and put her back into bed once since she started sleeping in it.

We got to try out a neat new kit from ThinkFun.  It's part of their Maker Studio line, and it's pretty cool.

Eli made a helicopter, Jack made a car, and you can kind of see on the right, I made a little robot and used the leftover straw parts from our African beads to give it hair.

We've got a really exciting art review coming up, and this was one of the projects from it.  Eli is drawing with black oil pastel.

And Jack, finished with the drawing part, is using liquid watercolors to paint his picture.

This was such a fun project, even I did one.  The theme was sea creatures.

Jack's got a narwhal, a made up creature, some fish, and a jellyfish.

Eli did a shark, a couple sea turtles, a stingray, and a sea monster.

Eli is working on another canvas.  This one features a boat.  I'll have to show it when he's done with it.  One of the nice things about working on canvas it that it doesn't curl like watercolor paper does.

We were learning how to make a watercolor wash in art, and learning about India in history, so we combined the two a little bit.

I printed Taj Mahals for the boys to cut out and glue onto their picture.  Jack used white glue, which pulled some of the green watercolor through the paper, and Eli used glue stick, leaving a crisper, whiter Taj.

We ended this week with Columbus, and the various explorers who sailed to the New World.  Next week, we start learning about various Latin American cultures.  Sounds like a good excuse for tacos!

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  1. Hi - new visitor coming over from Lisa's blog. Looks like a great week! I love the art projects you do with your kids. Happy Spring to you!

    1. Welcome! Glad you stopped by! We have been having a lot of fun with Art this year, thanks to a few really neat reviews. :) Happy Spring to you, too!