A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our First Week of Summer

Ah, summer!  School is out, schedules are relaxed, fun is happening... blogging, not so much.

We started off our first Monday of summer break with a picnic at the park.

Zach and Heather gave Hannah and Katie scooters for Christmas, and Hannah brought hers to the park that day.

The weather was gorgeous.  Warm, but not too toasty to be out.

We walked along the path for a while, and I pointed out some of the flora and fauna, including California poppies, our state flower.  We also saw cat tails and dragonflies along the creek.

I think Brianna (out in front) is on the scooter in this picture.

Brianna took this picture of me.  I had to laugh.  I was wearing a palm print t-shirt dress, and when Katie saw me she said, "You look like a forest!"

Josiah looks more like a tree than I did, in my opinion.  He's going to be invincible at night time hide and seek on our Nevada trip this year.

Our favorite local library has a park next door.  Which I happen to think is a brilliant strategy.

We get a bunch of books, play for a while, and then, when we hop back into the van, they're all tired out and they read quietly on the way home.

This particular day, the park was crazy packed.  I think a school was having their end of year party, or a summer program was having a field trip.  There were a bazillion kids there.

I love the look on Brianna's face.  Katie made it all the way up onto the play structure, of course.

My girls picked me flowers.

And this kept us busy for about a week.  Actually, a lot of these are Brianna's, and she still has some of them in her room.  We signed up for the summer reading program, which should be fun.

And, huzzah!  Miss Katie is done with spelling!  That means we're officially finished, done, complete!  I have loved homeschooling.  I have enjoying spending so much time with my kids.  But I'm starting to look forward to this next chapter of being a school mom.

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  1. That's a GREAT picture of you! I love Josiah's costume. I used to play night time hide and seek with my older brother's crowd when I was around 10 and he was 12. I loved it. I wish my girls could do these cool things.

    1. Thanks!

      Hide and Seek is simple enough for preschoolers. I'm sure your girls could handle it.

  2. You're just getting so skinny! Do you feel as good as you look? That was the most surprising thing for me when I got down to my ideal weight before my last pregnancy--feeling so good! I always thought my tiredness was due to lack of sleep, but it wasn't. :)

    Looks like a happy summer is shaping up for you all. :)

    1. I'm down 30# from where I was a year ago, but I still bounce up and down a few pounds. I can't seem to break through to the next loss level. I do feel better than I did then, but I know I still have another 20# to go. It's over 100* here all this week, so I have no motivation to exercise, which is what I know I need to do.