A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our Last Week of School

We took a field trip last week, which I didn't talk about last week, because I thought it would get it's own blog post, but since that hasn't happened, I'll just share it this week.

In what was our second to last homeschool field trip for this year, and possibly ever, we went to visit KLove Radio/Air 1.  This is a nationwide Christian radio station that I've listened to for years, so it was neat to get to see "where the magic happens" so to speak.

Photo above is our little group.  They broke us into 3 or 4 groups, since there were 40 of us.

We got to see lots of interesting things, and learn about the other ministries that go on behind the scenes, like a program for first responders and another program that goes into schools.

It was a really neat tour, and I'm glad the opportunity came up while we could still participate.

You know after you give blood, there's a snack lady that gives you juice and munchies while your body acclimates?  I got to be the snack lady for a couple hours last weekend.  I know several families who have adopted kids with thalassemia, and I myself carry the alpha thal trait.  It was neat to get to help in some tiny way one of the organizations that handles the blood these kids so desperately need on a regular basis.

When you find yourself a little jealous of your son's hips.

This was a collaborative artwork piece "made from Katie and Hannah."  Katie's been on a scissors kick lately in her free art times.  I like the multi-dimensional aspect her bamboo adds.

We cleaned out Jack & Hannah's binders.  Sometimes I wonder if we're doing "enough" schoolwork.  Seeing these piles made me feel better.

We took down all the Figures in History that we had up on the walls and made them into a book.  Jack is using Kwik Stix to make the cover for it.

The kids helped me by finding 2 complete ABC sets in the flat fish.  I'm getting ready to sell off a bunch of our homeschool supplies and curriculum at a local homeschool sale.

If you're interested in Exploring Countries and Cultures from My Father's World, I'm selling this as a set for $220 plus actual shipping.  Retail is over $400.

I've got 19 years worth of homeschool purchases to sort through.  I'm hoping to get some more pictures done soon and maybe make a separate For Sale post.  If there's anything you're looking for, particularly if you know we've used it or reviewed it, don't be shy about asking!  I need it gone.

I like the car ride home from the library because it's always so quiet!

Jack has discovered that we can request books, so we'll be at the library often this summer.  I already have more to pick up.

This is what I get when I try for a Last Day of School picture.

Top photo, first day, bottom photo, last day.  They've changed so much this year!

Brianna in her Rosie the Riveter pose.

While it's sad to come to the end of homeschooling (at least for now), I'm thrilled to welcome summer.  It's Bri's last summer home, and I want to make it a great one for all of us.  I know I need to be intentional about it, or else the time will slip away and we won't have done all the things on our bucket list.

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