A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Our First Foster Kittens

Shortly after 4th of July, I brought home our first batch of foster kittens from SPCA.  They were 22 days old. 

When I started volunteering there, Paul told me, "Don't bring anything home."  We now have a bunny and 5 temporary cats.  I tell him things could be worse.  At least I didn't volunteer at a preschool.

This is Neptune.  She's a good mama kitty.  And she's a sweet cat.  I really like her.

We're going with a "space" theme for this litter (hence naming mama kitty Neptune).

The only problem is, we can't really tell these 3 black kittens apart yet.

This is Pluto.  Other names in the running for the black kittens are Sputnik, Stella, Rocket, and Comet.

I thought an empty box would make it easier to get a picture of all the kittens together.  Ha.  Shows how little I know.

We're having a fabulous time with these tiny furballs.

They're not only adorable, they're quite entertaining, too.

From running smack into a wall to snuggling up against me and crashing out, it's always fun to see what they'll do next.

They make great Instagram fodder, too.

And I'm in my element, getting kitty snuggles galore in the comfort of my own home.

Paul's not too crazy about the whole idea, but he agreed to host one batch to give it a shot.  I'm hoping they win him over.

They play hard, and then they crash out and snooze for a while.

I'm so going to be visiting Neptune when she's on the adoption floor.  She's so soft and such a nice cat.  She hasn't had a problem with us handling the kittens at all, which surprised me.

So many naps.

Everything is a toy, even the box they all wanted *out* of a few days ago, when it was my idea.  

So far, this has been a really neat experience for our family. 

Brianna and Abby came over to meet the lil rascals. 

Guys, if you're going to win Paul over, you probably shouldn't destroy his books. 

I'd like to foster at least one more batch after this one.  Eli wants a gray kitten (he's already got a name picked out), and I think it would be special to have it from a very early age like these guys. 

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  1. I've got to laugh! While I have fostered many, many kittens in the past, we are fostering our first mom and kittens. Our kittens were around 4 weeks old and there were five of them, but, sadly, one didn't survive spaying and died moments after they gave her the anesthesia. We were devastated! They gave her back to us and we let her mom and siblings see her. The mom licked her a few times, then realized she was dead. It took another 2 weeks for the mom to relax and go more than 5 feet away from her other kittens. For such a tiny young mother, she's been amazing. We'll miss her when she goes.

    1. :( I'd have a really hard time losing one. How old do they do surgery there?

  2. Ohhhhh, it is going to be hard to see these cuties go!

    1. Paul's already saying, "When the kittens leave, we're getting the carpets cleaned." LOL!

  3. Wonderful. I am cracking up at the Preschool comment lol.