A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Break

Time off from school!  Almost summery weather!  A trip to the dentist!  Wait, what?  Most of spring break was fun, but there was still a couple of "have to" things that needed to happen.  

Spring break inspired the great clothing switcheroo.  I had Jack pull down the bucket of warm weather clothes and I purged all the outgrown (and holey) stuff.  My girls are super hard on pants and shorts, and sometime even their dresses end up with holes from their prosthetics. 

We stocked up at the library so they'd have plenty to read during quiet afternoon rest.

Jack helped me prep for the egg hunt by sorting eggs by color.  Grumman is not to sure about these plastic eggs and buckets.

My last day of work for this school year was during the kids' spring break, but since we were having a party at the park, I was able to bring Hannah and Katie with me.

The theme was "things that fly."  You can barely see bubbles floating down behind Hannah here.  We did gliders and kites and there were dot to dots and coloring pages of hot air balloons and planes.  We made Frisbees.  It was so nice to be at a park for the first time in ages. 

Selfie cat. 

We're going to call this a STEM engineering challenge.  No, wait, I'm not homeschooling any more.  I can just call it playtime now. 

Grumman is getting used to the harness.  He likes to go outside, and now that we've got windows open more often, he likes to perch on the sills and sniff the breeze. 

This was actually kind of sad to me.  We're down to 4 hunters this year.  Eli and Josiah decided they're too old now. 

While they were dressed up, I decided to get a picture or two.  This is probably what they're wearing for spring school picture next week. 

Hmm, I wonder if I have enough motivation to make Hannah a gumball necklace by then?  Probably not. 

My Dad & Step Mom came for Easter lunch.  Katie is selecting her piece to perform on the piano for them. 

Hannah played a song...

...and then Katie played a song. 

My Dad just retired.  They look pretty happy about that! 

I think Brayden is taller than Katie now (even though he's a year younger).  I'm guessing he'll pass Hannah up, too, one of these days. 

So, we're missing Heather, Annaliese, Sam, and Brianna.  I realized the last family picture with less than 4 people missing was taken in 2015, while Annaliese was Down Under.  The last picture with "everybody" (or at least everybody at the time) was 2013, before Heather and Brayden joined the family.  With all the grown kids scattered about, who knows how long it will be until we get everybody in the same place at the same time again. 

Egg hunt!

I always find it amusing to see eggs the kids have walked right past in these pictures. 

After lunch, a board game was played involving pooping farm animals.  Much hilarity ensued. 


  1. Pooping farm animals? I believe you about "much hilarity!"

    We're starting to lose egg hunters--just starting to, but we still have enough to be quite an adventure. :)

    The girls are really growing up! They have added significant maturity to their sweet faces.

    And that tower! The fact that it's standing in the room while the girls are off doing other things just cracks me up. There's no way a tower could last in my house!!!

    1. Well, Eli took over the tower building when it got taller than the girls, so they started doing something else. :)