A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, April 8, 2019

We're Still Here!

I know.  I've sort of disappeared.  I'm not at my desk as much as I was when we homeschooled, and with the kids growing up, I share less of the everyday details of their lives.   

Eli's cat Grumman is quite a character.  He'll be 1 year old in May. 

I don't think I mentioned here that I got a job.  Although, it's almost over.  I work for a charter school one day a week at their "enrichment academy," which is a program for homeschoolers. 

They're not sure yet whether or not I'll be needed next school year.  I'm okay, either way.  I like having regular deposits show up in my vacation account, but I won't be crushed if I'm not there in the fall. 

The girls are doing well.  We started piano lessons at Shriners.  Katie reads while Hannah plays, and then Hannah reads while Katie plays. 

It's a new program at Shriners, and they did a PR piece on the girls

Tuzi the bunny is happy that we've had some nice days to go outside lately.  I don't know if I'm projecting or not, but it seems that life in a cage would be really boring, so I'm always glad when he can be out in his playpen or outside on the leash. 

Sam is currently deployed on a ship.  I've been sending holiday theme care packages.  I like themes, so that's fun for me.  I print "lunchbox jokes" for the flaps, and he gets a chuckle out of those.  He's always been very punny. 

Jack is in his second season of trap shooting.  It has been a great experience for him. 

We continue to enjoy our library.  I've already read 26 books this year. 

I try to take the kids to get books more often now that the girls each have 45 minutes where all they can really do is read while waiting for each other at piano. 

I taught another art lesson to Katie's class at school.

We did one of the projects from our homeschool days, root vegetables done in oil pastel and watercolor to learn resist techniques. 

I joined Blue Star Moms and went to an event. 

I got to scratch another state off my travel map, with the hope of scratching off one or two more later this year.

Brianna turned 19!

She was home for a visit...

...and now she's off on new adventures. 

Playing air hockey at Shriners while we wait for adjustments to be finished on Hannah's prosthetic leg. 

Prom happened.  Eli's senior prom.  Which, honestly, probably means my last prom as mom, since the tiny school my younger kids go to doesn't have dances.  (Although, I think Shriners has a formal event similar to prom.  We'll see if that's still around when Hannah gets older.)

Jack turned 15.  Paul made his cake and decorated it with a shotgun. 

He got his first cell phone. 

Thankfully, he has built in, older sibling, in house tech support.

Katie and friend, waiting at the regional spelling bee. 

Hannah (purple dress) competing with other 6th graders at the spelling bee. 

It warmed my heart to realize we'd had adult children visit 4 out of 5 of the past months.  Sam and Annaliese were home in November, Brianna was home in December and February, and Annaliese visited again in March. 

While Ese was here, we took a field trip to Nimbus Fish Hatchery.  The kids hadn't been in about a decade, and Hannah and Katie not at all. 

Watching the kids grow up is bittersweet.  I love how capable and interesting they are.  But I miss being super important in their worlds.  All too soon, Eli will be graduating and stretching his wings. 


  1. It's great to see an update; I miss checking your blog. Is Brianna still in the military?

    1. No, boot camp didn't work out for her. She's moved to Los Angeles.

  2. It was fun to catch up on your adventures and growth! I'm with you about the bittersweetness of it all.

    1. I totally "get" the old saying, the days are long, but they years are short, now. Sigh.

  3. So nice to catch up with you. The piano lessons are fantastic! What a wonderful opportunity. I am totally ordering that travel map.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I got Annaliese the world map at Christmas. :)