A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

More From New Bern

The Tryon Palace encompasses a complex of buildings.  The John Wright Stanly House was actually moved here.

The House

The sign, lol.

I really enjoyed seeing all the period furnishings in these buildings. 

There were a couple of rooms we were not allowed to take photographs in because the contents are merely "on loan" from the family. 

It was a little bit like when we visited General Vallejo's Home a few years back. 

This is the highlight of this building.  This is the bedroom that GEORGE WASHINGTON slept in for two nights in 1791 when he passed this way. 

Out the back door and back into the wet heat. 

The gardens were lovely.

I was trying to capture the huge bumblebee, but sweat was dripping in my eyes, and he wouldn't hold still, so it didn't really work out. 

I'm really glad I made the effort to drive a little further out than I had previously, in order to see the Palace. 

After I left the Palace complex I started seeing all these Pepsi signs. 

Turns out, I'd stumbled onto The Birthplace of Pepsi. 

I like Diet Pepsi, and being curious and thirsty, I decided to stop. 

There wasn't like a factory tour or anything like that, but there was a lot of old Pepsi memorabilia and Pepsi souvenirs.  I got Eli a shot glass for his collection, and myself a drink from the fountain, and wandered on my way. 

New Bern was really pretty.  The weather was gorgeous (albeit warm), the clouds were puffy, and everything seemed picturesque. 

The flag for New Bern has a black bear on a yellow stripe across a red background. 

One of the best things about this trip was being able to get out and see and do whatever there was to see and do nearby.  Often my vacations have been focused on an event or a person, and usually at the mercy of other people's schedules.  This time around I had a lot of free time on my hands, due to Sam being at work during the day, and I'm glad I didn't waste it sitting in the hotel.  Even Hawaii, I didn't have a rental car, so I was limited to the trolley schedule and stops.  This was a very freeing experience, and left me feeling more adventurous than ever.  And super grateful for my phone's GPS. 


  1. I've never considered the birth of Pepsi before! :) I've learned several new things in reading this post today.

    Oh! And I like your new family photo up top!

    1. Thanks! I was feeling like I should make a collage and have the entire family represented, and I finally thought, "Just put up something fresh for now." The old one was quite a bit out of date. This one is missing Paul (who took the picture), Annaliese, Sam, and Heather, but it's as close as we've gotten for a while. Thanksgiving's picture has Sam and Ese in it, but Zach was still deployed then, so it's missing him, Heather, and Brayden. The more kids that leave the nest, the harder it is to get everyone in one place for a photo op.