A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Pictures, Masks, and Farewells

We had a hilarious little photo shoot in the back yard recently.

You may remember that Kylie (Zach's dog) destroyed our Hug A Planet globe.  Well, in my homeschool persona, I neeeeeed a globe.  And the kids needed outside toys.  So when I found a cheap pack of a dozen inflatable globes on Amazon, I ordered them.

Katie's class is only 7 students (including her) so I printed off these little notes for her classmates.  I hope it brings smiles to the other school families.  Have I mentioned that my Love Language is gifts?

I printed a calendar page of Lego challenges, and the girls have been stretching their imaginations with some guided building assignments. 

This was "design a spaceship."

And this was "Build a house for our family."

Remember Kylee?  She's Zach & Heather's dog.  They got a new puppy, who follows Kylee everywhere, so Zach asked if Kylee could have a sleepover at our house to give them a little break from each other. 

My military boys are very limited in what masks they can wear in uniform.  I was able to get a pack of solid fat quarters (it's a quilter's term to describe a certain cut of fabric), and make a few that fall within regulations.  These are Zach's. 

My Mother's Day present from Annaliese. 

We ordered dinner delivered from a Mexican restaurant in town on Cinco De Mayo.  Unfortunately, so did everyone else.  We didn't have a great delivery experience (missing items, an hour late, leaking foods...), but it was still tasty.  Mexican food is my favorite. 

We said goodbye to Zach and Brayden and Kylee and Colt (new puppy).  Heather went ahead to TX to set up the new house while Zach was unable to travel due to the DOD ROM order.  He finally got his waiver to complete the move they were supposed to make in March. 

Goodbyes are never fun, but I'm excited for him in this new stage in his career.  Hoping I can visit and see their new house next year. 

I've now made over 250 masks.  I'm on a little break right now, as I wait for more elastic to arrive.  I'm still cutting and ironing, though.  We've been able to donate masks to SPCA, Chicks in Crisis, and school personnel, in addition to passing out many to friends & family. 

The K'nex houses mentioned in an earlier post.  Hannah glued her paper doll onto a sheet of paper, so that was a little awkward.  Note the car parked next to the house.  I think that belongs to Katie's doll. 

Katie's paper doll house. 

The kids' school finally admitted that the children are not coming back this academic year.  We "distance learn" through the end of May.  Jack cleaned out his locker yesterday when we went to drop of completed work and pick up Katie's next packet. 

Good news!  Katie was approved for the grant we requested for a running leg!  Her prosthetist and I discussed it, and we're going to wait until things are less weird to start the casting process.  Races are cancelled right now, anyway.  No point making a leg she's going to grow out of before she can use it. 

Wishing you health and safety, as well as a good helping of grace toward one another in these strange times. 


  1. 250 masks?!?!?! You're a champion! And that giving of globes to the kids is too cute! I have a hunch that gifts is the love language of one of my kids, but try as hard as I can, I cannot understand that language. Receiving gifts is awkward for me, and giving them feels like something that should be reserved for special occasions. I don't meet her needs often enough. I will need to go back through your posts and study you a bit in order to understand better. My second born and my husband (also a second born) showed me that mug! I love that you got one. :) Happy Mother's Day to you!!

    1. I've hit 325 now. I think, lol, and I know I've said this before, but I *think* I'm winding down now.

      My kids love that I'm a Gifts person. I come home from the grocery store (under normal circumstances, back when I went to the grocery store, sigh) with special drinks or treats for them. "Here, I was thinking of you."