A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Our Week Learning About Mexico

We're hitting our stride now, getting into a "school at home" routine now, and I'm going to set aside the country studies for the time being, as the more official school work has gotten straightened out and is flowing at a reasonable rate. 

Speaking of home, my volunteer snapdragons are doing well.  Notice the cat in the window?  Grumman loves windows. 

One of Katie's projects was to follow directions to make an origami pinwheel.  Katie's work is assigned each weekend, and I've found that she does best when I write her assignments on the board each night, and she starts on it after breakfast the next day. 

Remember the paper dolls?  We did glue outfits on them (you can see one of them on the right side of the circle rug) and the girls made K'nex houses and cars for them as an engineering challenge. 

I was reading another blog recently and saw a MOM key chain as a Mother's Day gift idea.  I had an idea inspired by that.  Hoping to work on this project some more once my sewing room is more under control. 

We made a couple Figures In Motion, Queen Isabella of Spain and Michelangelo to go with our study of Spain and Italy. 

The school asked us to start recording 20 minutes of PE every day.  So I made them a couple bean bags to toss, and ordered them a ball and some sidewalk chalk.  When the ball arrived, I thought, "This is going to end up going over the fence."  So I wrote on it, in the hopes that it will come back to us when that happens. 

Speaking of outdoors, we've dined al fresco a couple of times now that the weather is nice here.  Josiah made spaghetti one night. 

I think the girls are over these coloring pages.  They're not making as much effort with them as they did at first.  Probably a good thing we're going to take a break from country studies. 

Even though the libraries are unavailable, we're still reading!  The girls read these (as well as other books) during the last couple of weeks.  I've now placed at least 3 book orders since The Big Q started. 

Oh look.  More masks.  :sigh:  I know I said I was about done, but I guess I was wrong.  I posted this picture on Facebook and got several more orders. 

Part of my problem is that it's really easy for me to go overboard on the cutting part.  The ironing part and the sewing part are less fun for me. 

Jack and Hannah are getting used to regular zoom meetings and Google Classroom assignments.  I'm getting used to, "Is _______ going to be joining us today?" and "___________ hasn't done their assignment," text messages.  It's a process, but we're figuring it out.  I'm hopeful that classroom schools will reopen in the fall, but Paul and I have started discussing our plan if that's not the case. 

Stay healthy, friends!  Let me know if you need a mask. 


  1. I'm not asking for a mask. But I am delighted by your solution to a ball going astray. :)

    I'm glad school is easier for you. I hope it is joyful, but if you need to homeschool full time this fall, then you've got blessed kids. Because making K'nex stuff for paper dolls? Clever, cool, and engaging!

    1. I really don't mind having the kids home. I just miss being able to take them to the park and the library and such. Fortunately, the red ball has stayed in our yard so far!

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