A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

School Pictures, Take 1

I've been feeling guilty for not getting to the girls' school pictures yet.  I bought the outfits over the summer so I'd be ready when September hit.  Only, much of September, we were stuck inside, due to smoke.  And my motivation failed me, the few green air days we've had.  

But not today!  Today I told myself it was time!  After all, I wouldn't want to be taking pictures of Katie in a sleeveless dress when it's cold outside, which it will be at some point.  So off, we set.  

When I checked the weather, I just looked at the temp, I didn't pay attention to the WIND at all.  That turned out to be a mistake.  We have 17 photos of Katie's sleeve (and hair) blowing the wrong way.  

It's all so very 2020.

Doesn't this look just sum up the year?

One good thing to come out of our mini photo shoot was when I asked Katie, "Do you climb trees?"  She said no, but amended that to, "I've never done it before."  Well, she was game to give it a shot, so I helped her.  "What happens if I fall?"  "The ground is right there.  It will catch you."  I'm a horrible mother.  

But she didn't fall.  We got her up there, and wedged in place for a few pictures, and I got her back down again without dropping her.  She seems pretty happy to have had a new experience.  

What's better than wind blowing your hair off your forehead?  Transition lens glasses that hide your eyes.  Sigh.  

One of the girls was making weird faces, so, to get her to smile, I said, "Say 'Jack got detention!' "  It made her laugh, but she was like, "Did Jack really get detention?  But you said he got detention."  She's very literal.  When our curriculum had the kids fill out fake passport applications, it mentioned an $80 processing fee.  She perseverated on it, "Does it really cost $80 bucks?  Were our passports really $80 bucks?  But it said $80 bucks."  The brain is an interesting thing.  

And the 2020 look for Hannah.  

Except in true 2020 fashion, the child sized mask popped right off while I was shooting.  

In the end, this was the best shot of Katie, which I'm okay with.  

This ended up being the best shot of Hannah.  Not happy with the dark glasses.  We'll probably retake these at some point.  


  1. If you're a terrible mother, then I am, too. :) Oh! That answer that the ground will catch her is perfection!!!

    And, boy-oh-boy, do I ever understand literal kids and perseverating on a subject! That conversation about the passports could have happened in my house.

    While I understand your frustration with the pictures, I do think the girls are darling and that the pictures will be treasures in years to come.

    1. I'm glad it's not just me. Having the girls in school, I was able to miss some of the weird brain things. Homeschooling them again has really highlighted areas to work on. For example, I rapidly discovered early in the year that Katie has auditory processing issues. So instead of listening to what to do, her coping strategy is to watch what others do and then do that. Which she got away with in a classroom setting. However, most 12/13 year olds get tired of their little 9/10 year old siblings constantly copying them, and rightfully so. Now that she's at her own table, she has to pay more attention when I'm speaking. I've also started writing a lot of their assignments on the board, so they can do the reading independently, and then we can go over what they learned together. I'm trying to balance making accommodations and teaching her to "do hard things."