A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Our Week with a Birthday

How is it October already?  School *just* started!  

Jack helped me take the cats to the local pet store on vaccine clinic day.  

Grumman was Not Having It.  As little Jack Jack used to say, "It froke him out."  

They both did okay, though, and we got Miss Fiona microchipped while we were at it.  

She was being very photogenic one day, so I snapped some pictures.  

Other times she just sort of sprawls.  

Having taken a dozen or so shots of Fiona, I look over and see Grumman watching.  

"Okay, Grumman, I'll take pictures of you, too.  Look at me.  Grumman."  

"Hey, Grumman!"  :kissy noises:  Nope.  

Not going to look at you.  :sigh:  Turkey.  

I've started making coloring pages to go along with the books I read aloud to the preschool-2nd grade classes.  It gives the first ones that check out something to do while they wait for the rest of the class to check out their books.  And I'm hoping it will help the parents see what the kids are getting from the library.  

Fire Safety Week is this week, so I pulled all the fire related books and put them on display.  Yes, the kids are absolutely allowed to check out display books.  In fact, I often go around after a class leaves and pull more books to put on the easels because the kids usually take the books where they can *see* the whole cover instead of just the spine.    

The bulletin board over my desk got an autumn upgrade.  

My October Notable Events bookcase.  As these get checked out, I'll replace them with autumn/pumpkin theme books.  In fact, I ordered a box of October books last month, and they shipped on 9/17, but they aren't here yet.  Grr.  Not happy about that.  But I'm hoping they come today, since they made it to California a few days ago.  

Someone had a birthday!  

Paul made her cake from scratch.  It was quite tasty.

Still not happy about the way they keep growing up.  Katie's birthdays always hit me a little harder than the other kids' because she's the baby.  I've never had the baby be so old before.  Every year, it's a little more letting go of parenting children.  Now it's mostly adults, with a couple teens and a tween.  

Speaking of adults...  Heather took time off after Kasen was born, then when she had to go back to work, Zach took time off.  The package I sent arrived safely, there's Kasen in the bib I Crikey-ed.  Now it's time for Zach Zach to go back to work, and Kasen is off to daycare.  

I'm a little sad, wishing I was close enough to offer to watch him.  'Cuz he looks like a cool lil dude that I'd enjoy hanging out with.  

Ugh.  Fuel prices are crazy.  

Milestone for Matilda!  She hit 10,000 miles on this morning's school run.  Took over 17 months, so that's one upside to the pandemic.  She definitely still feels like a new car.  


  1. I wish you could watch your beautiful grandbaby, too.

    Happy birthday to your baby! I feel the ache of the youngest birthdays, too.

    Coloring pages for the littlest ones at the library seem like a good idea.

    And I am SO glad I'm not in CA buying gas! Ours is still under $3, but it's getting close.

    1. Zach says they may come for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, because airfare is cheaper then. Looking forward to finally meeting the little guy.