A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

More of March

Another theme day during Spirit Week was Hobby Day.  Blarg.  I had a hard time coming up with a hobby, but finally decided to do "volunteering."  I wore my Sac Zoo shirt and my giraffe ossicones.  I shared my giraffe facts with the kids, from back when I worked a booth at World Giraffe Day, pre-pandemic.  

And I got a chuckle out of my shadow when I went outside.  

Jack was learning some basic first aid in his health course.  Paul and Hannah helped with his homework.

Ta da!  A splint.  

How are we liking these fuel prices??  Yikes.  

"Never be the cause of anyone's pain, and if you have the ability to ease their suffering, then do so quickly."  The author gave the best line of the book to a B-list character.  I'm 23 books into my Goodreads challenge for this year.  Hoping to hit 80.  I'm giving myself a little grace this year.  I've been counting youth and kids' books that I read for the first time, as well as mature & dignified books.  I mean, not like Rainbow Fish or Berenstain Bears, but usually nonfiction.  

You know how outdoor cats bring their people gifts of dead things?  Grumman brings me socks.  I guess the smell is close enough?  

Speaking of the Grum, "Whatcha got in there?  Books to sniff?" 

So many books.  Hannah reads a ton, and every time I think of something to add for her, I find a few things I'd like to read myself...

Speaking of Hannah, she played piano in church for Special Music during the offering.

I know, the Keebler dude is an elf, not a leprechaun.  But I told the girls we're pretending these are leprechaun cupcakes.  Because I tried.  

More books.  A few of these are to give me ideas for school.  Not having a curriculum to work from is a lot of freedom.  A l-o-t of freedom.  It means I have to put on my thinking cap every week and come up with Something Interesting/Educational/Creative/Entertaining/Etc. on my own.  For every class.  We're 2 months from the end of the year, and I'm needing inspiration.  

So, Paul and Jack and I watched The Winds of War, and now we're plowing through War & Remembrance.  Paul and I watched them ages ago.  Jack enjoyed Band of Brothers, so I thought he might enjoy these, too.  If you know of other WW2 miniseries, I'd love a recommendation.  

Despite Grumman's negative opinion of my letters, I ended up winning.  Against a person, not the cat.  

Hey look!  There's Jack.  He usually sticks his hand in front of his face when I point the camera at him.  

There's Katie, too.  

Some of the shamrocks here are from their time in the library.  The kids often like to color while I read aloud.  

Technically, these aren't shamrocks.  But this was my green for St. Patrick's week.  We read a Voice of the Martyrs book about him.  

Another mixed media project.  Watercolors for the background, and marker on graph paper for the cityscape.  

This student decided to use black construction paper for her cityscape.

This project, overall, was not as well received as some of my other recent ones.

But I did have a good laugh when the second graders came in and one said, "We're painting?!  Whatever she's wearing is what we end up doing."  My Ms. Frizzle reputation precedes me.  

I'm getting creative with space these days.  I moved the 590s into their own bookcase to free up some space on the back wall.  I don't really want to embrace genrefication whole heartedly, but I do understand the upsides to the concept.  Right now, it's just Fiction, Biography, Graphic Novels, and Animals that fall outside the Dewey way in our little library.  I need to put some googley eyes on this bulletin board.  

Okay, we've reached another good stopping point.  More later.  


  1. I LOVE that you're embracing your inner Ms. Frizzle and the kids recognize it!!!!!

    1. I'm trying to decide whether or not a need a crayon dress... On the one hand, I really do have enough school clothes. On the other... crayons. :sigh: