A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What's been going on at our house

Aside from being sick, (finished one abx, still on the other one) we've been just flat out busy lately. Since my last post, we've gone out of town 3 days for a funeral, had Luke's feeding assessment, had friends we met in China over for a visit, had a birthday, done back to school supply shopping, started painting the babies' room, and taken the sick computer in for repairs. I'm really missing the computer!

The nice thing is that we got to see Annaliese while we were out of town.

She's happy, and she's doing well. It's hard to have her so far away, but it was nice to hear that she's a good houseguest. 

Luke's feeding assessment went well. I got an email copy of the report back already, which is nice. (I should call the speech place, since I haven't gotten their report yet.)  She states that he has the cup skills of an 8 month old, and the tongue and jaw skills of a 9 month old. Which fits right in with his development in other areas. He's just a very big baby. 

His size has been a challenge for me.  Both in the literal hauling him up and down the stairs, which I often ask one of my strapping teen boys to do for me, and in clothing him. I've often asked myself, "What size IS this child?!"  It's a hard call. His shorts are a size 4. Which means all those size 24 mos/2T shorts we had for him are too small. I could probably get him into 3T shorts in a disposable diaper, but we don't actually have any in that size. The problem with size 4 shorts, is that they hang down past his knees. We just pretend he's a baggy little surfer and roll with it. However, now that autumn is approaching, I'm realizing that's not going to work with pants. I'm either going to have to buy 4T pants and re-hem, or keep him in disposable diapers, 3T pants, and roll the legs a little. He's got a serious Buddha belly. Paul says I should just make his pants. In my spare time. Did I mention that school and homeschool start tomorrow? And I'm supposed to be making curtains for the babies' room? Probably not going to get to making pants for a while. 

I've often wanted to put a disclaimer on this blog, "If you're looking for one of those large family blogs where mom's got it all together and the children all play an instrument and speak Latin and wear matching, home sewn outfits and only speak respectful, kind words... Stop, back away slowly, and try some other blog."  Tomorrow being the first day of school and all, I should have some amazing plans, right? Well, the truth is, I pinned a couple of ideas, but without my stinking computer, I can't print what I was planning to print. And the reality of this summer being what it has, I haven't even ordered spelling books or enrichments yet. Math was also going to be, yes, you guessed it, on the computer, so now I'm really up a creek. Fortunately, I have a new game to review for The Schoolhouse Review Crew, so we have something exciting to kick off the year with. 

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  1. Have you thought about "baby legs" instead of pants? The cheap way to make them is to buy adult knee high socks and just cut the foot off. Keeps the legs warm, doesn't require pants. (Mostly useful for babies in onesies to make diaper changes easy).

    They also have an 'in your spare time' craft component if you want to make them look nice and finished, you use the foot to make a cuff; but it isn't necessary.

    I know my sister's kids never wore pants in the house once she discovered these.

    1. I do have some baby legs from Hannah, thanks for the reminder! --I won't be able to use the Hello Kitty ones on Luke, lol, but I can at least throw solids under his shorts when we do the chilly morning school run. :)

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