A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our Week - with a Big Drive

This week has flown by in a blur.  Paul was out of town for a couple of days the end of last week at a big fire.  Monday, Jack and I went to the dentist.

Hannah and Katie have been hanging out in the school room, playing with some of our preschool fun stuff.  Hannah has the rice tray and Katie has the button sorting cups.

Remember when we reviewed the stacking pegs from 4Knowledge-4Fun?  Jack still pulls these out every couple of weeks.  They're a favorite with Brayden, too.  I thought I'd see what our little guests thought of them.  They loved pulling them out of the pegboard, and they liked bringing them to me to connect them to each other.  They also made great projectiles.

Miss Katie is working on getting all the ABCs in order!  Josiah was not happy that I chose to hang this right outside his bedroom door, because the bus makes noise, but it's a perfect spot for it in our playroom.  (If you're curious, I shared the components I used to set this up last week.)

We've also been working on puzzles this week.  I shared on Facebook a picture of the huge mound of pieces that resulted when our little friends dumped a couple dozen tray puzzles out.

They like the cat!  Silly Wheelie is not very good about getting away from them.  He's also not crazy about the new gates we've put up, since he's not a big fan of leaping any more.  Kitty is getting old.

We have to get outside early in the day if we're going to play out there, because it's been getting HOT here this week!

We got a postcard from Annaliese in Australia!  The best mail of the whole week.

So, you know how Chick Fil A does a customer appreciation day where you get free food for dressing up like a cow?  I had advance notice, and I still didn't finish these until 2 weeks after the event had passed.  Left to right:  Hannah's, Small Fry, Katie's.  I would have made 2 little ones, but I ran out of fabric.  Simple peasant dress patterns, with a little bit of black ruffled elastic on Hannah and Katie's, and little black & white bows on all 3 (I added one to K's after I took this picture).

Speaking of sewing!  We needed another pack & play sheet around here, so I whipped one up in bunny flannel.  You can see my how to make a pack & play sheet tutorial, if you're interested.

Only, I think I was working a little too fast, trying to get it done during nap time, because I accidentally sewed the elastic to the outside of the sheet instead of the inside.  I know no one will see it, but I still felt a little silly when I realized what I'd done.

Bath time!  The nice thing is, throwing all the toys out kept them occupied for a few minutes, and they tossed them all back into the tub after the bath was over.

We've been out the door early every day to take Sam to football practice.  One day, however, we went on a very big drive to send 4 of the kids off to camp!  

Josiah and Brianna went as teen helpers, and Jack and Hannah went as campers.  This is Hannah's first year going to camp, and first time going away from home without us.  Obviously, it's been harder on me than on her.  I slipped a little note into her glasses case when I packed up her stuff, so she'll know I'm thinking of her.  

After driving more than 300 miles on Thursday, we needed some down time on Friday, so we went to the park.  I love the way she goes down the slide!  I didn't teach her that.

It was rather warm, and Katie came up and said, "It's hot.  Can we go home now?"  So much for sitting and chatting with my friend!  I spent most of my time following the Little Ones around.  I splurged and bought them squeaky shoes to help me keep track of them.  It's like toddler mama echolocation.  

Hard to believe it's August already!  Just a little over 3 weeks until school starts!  Once the other kids get back from camp, it will be time to start getting ready in earnest.  I've done some uniform shopping, but I have a few gaps to fill in (like shoes!).  

If you haven't seen it yet, the Flexi of the Month for August is just lovely, and it comes in 2 colorways.  (affiliate link)

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  1. I can hardly believe it's August too! Where has all the time gone?

    I love those stacking pegs... they're an awesome teaching tool. Great work on the pack and play sheet. Where was that tutorial a couple years ago?! lol

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. We've gotten a lot more mileage out of the Stacking Pegs than I expected to when we reviewed them. Sometimes the simplest toys are the most popular. :)

  2. My kids love stacking pegs too. Oh my goodness, I don't know where you find time to sew! I keep buying new fabric hoping to sew this and that and never find time to actually do it. Have a great August!

    1. Well, as you can see, some weeks I find more sewing time than others, lol. I cut out those cow dresses weeks ago. But the sheet only took me half an hour. :)