A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Random Bits

This is basically a photo dump from the last few weeks.  Now that I'm not homeschooling, I really don't have enough kid pictures to share a weekly wrap up type post each week.

A couple days after the eclipse, I had to restart my iPad, and I laughed because the bite of the apple reminded me of the bite that the moon took out of the sun at the beginning of the eclipse.

Before school orientation, I put Hannah's hair in Curlformers.

She had pretty curls, but trying to keep them out of her face with a stretchy headband didn't work, so I ended up putting pony tails in.  Neither one of my girls can wear headbands, unfortunately.

Brianna was part of another swear-in ceremony, this one at the Friday night football game at her school.

It would have been even more meaningful had not the guy mispronounced her name.

Someone had a birthday.  Sweet 16.  And I remembered to buy candles!

Which he flicked out.

I introduced the kids to the wonders of English muffin pizzas.  We had fun making them, and they liked eating them, too.

I used to make them with the big kids, years and years ago, but it's been a very long time since we've had them.

Brianna made "pake."  That's pie and cake combined.

Speaking of baking, I opened the second to last package of cupcake papers today!  Pretty soon I'll have met my goal, and I'll have to start making cookies, instead, so I can start using up our 6 million sprinkles.

I'm keeping busy while the kids are at school.  Baking, volunteering here and there, reading...

And even a bit of sewing!

I finally finished this blanket for Project Linus.  I have another one I need to get done, and then I'm going to drop them off together.

School is going well for these guys, and for the teens, for the moment, which is awesome.  I'm sure we'll have our issues, but it's smooth sailing at present.

I'm calling this the Katie step.  Miss K jumped off the wall the other day and went SPLAT!  Now there's a highly visible opening in the wall that's perhaps a bit more accessible.  I don't know if they made it just because of her or not, but the timing seems like a pretty strong coincidence to me.

I'm volunteering at a local animal organization, and got to see baby flamingos the other day.  I knew the adults got their color from their diet (shrimp), but I didn't realize the babies were gray.  They're cute, and getting really big.

And I'm still enjoying helping out at the SPCA.  I really feel like I've learned a lot from working recovery in the feral cat spay and neuter clinic.

Anesthetized cats are kind of hilarious.

After playing Where's Waldo? for a bit, I caught a glimpse of Sam in some recently posted pictures on Facebook.  Does my heart good to see my boy.

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  1. You are a woman of much goodness and much talent. I am consistently inspired to read of your doings. :)

    I am very curious about Brianna's "pake."

    1. It was a recipe she found online. Pie crust with cake filling? I didn't have a piece (she set one aside for me, but it disappeared) but I heard that it was good.