A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bunny, Birthday, Blood & More

More pictures.  This time mostly from April. 

It's not often that we get to see Paul in uniform, since he changes at the fire station.  I snapped some pictures when I got the opportunity recently.  Proud of my hardworking fire captain. 

Trap shooting.  Seems it's a thing.  Grateful for a tiny school out in the country that still participates, as Jack has found his favorite sport. 

Meet Tuzi.  ("TOO tzih" which means bunny in Mandarin.)  He's our new bunny, and I love him to pieces. 

We like to take him out to explore.

He looks so cute frolicking in his little harness. 

Bought Jack a Star Wars button up shirt for picture day at school.  Had to chop off and re-sew one of the buttons before he could wear it. 

Eli's a little disappointed that Tuzi isn't more puppy like on the leash. 

I sent this to Miss Adorable, and she laughed and texted back, "Bunny prom pictures!"

Took a picture of the girls before we left for school on picture day.  The last thing I said to them, as they were getting out of the van at school was, "Take your sweater off before pictures."  Pictures came home this week.  One child with sweater, one without.  I made their necklaces.  Note to self, those bows will only be right side up for about 2 minutes after putting the necklace on.  

Miss Hannah had a birthday. 

My baby is now 11!  It goes even faster when they join your family post infancy. 

A few of you may remember that we attended Pioneer Day last year at the school.  This year's history theme day was Renaissance Day.  I took this picture when I dropped the kids off in the morning.  (Cheater Mom confession:  all Amazon costumes, except Jack's "chain mail" hood, which I made.) 

Then I drove to Bri & Eli's school, where I helped with their blood drive.  Paul attended Ren Faire with the younger kids from 10-2, and I told him, "Take lots of pictures for me!"

I got 3.  This is Hannah's spoon catapult. 

And Jack built this sword in wood shop!  He's also made a step stool. 

Meanwhile, at the high school...  Brianna and Boy came by to visit me at the blood drive.  Boy couldn't donate because of baseball practices and games.  Bri has donated in the past but chose not to this year. 

I was super proud of Eli his first time donating!  He looks terrified, but he did great.  Filled his bag in a flash.  (Miss Adorable came and visited with me while he donated.  She doesn't meet the minimum weight to give blood.) 

Katie's class at Ren Faire.  There was a parade, demonstration booths, lunch, tournaments, even archery! 

I volunteered at a Star Wars Day event.  There were a variety of stations/props set up where people could take pictures. 

This was my "set."  I had to text a picture to Eli and as what the heck I was riding, since I've never seen any of the SW movies.  He told me it's a swoop bike.  I took pictures of about half a million guests on it, with and without the characters. 

No idea who that even is, but okay. 

Eli looked at this picture and said to Josiah, "The scariest one is the one in the middle."  I am choosing to take that as a compliment.  I may not carry a light saber, but I have mama powers. 

Got to work recovery in the feral cat spay and neuter clinic again.  It's been a while since I've made it in there.  Still fun to mess with drugged kitties. 

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  1. What a lot of fun and work! Your post makes me realize that my past 18 years of being pregnant and/or nursing that prevented me from donating blood are over, and I could go do that now! I should!

    1. I've been volunteering with Blood Source for almost a year, and I haven't psyched myself up enough to actually donate yet. :/ But I like to encourage everyone else to, lol.