A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Our Getting Stuff Done Week

You know how you add stuff to an online cart, and then you don't actually complete the purchase?  

This skirt, along with several other things, was in my Amazon cart when the Queen died.  I decided I needed to order it.  I wore it to school the day I put out England & monarchy books.  

City library run

I opened another one of the boxes in the library and found Sunday school teacher materials from before I was born.  

Miss Hannah got her new leg!  Glad to be done with visits to Shriners for a little bit.  Each leg takes a minimum of 3 trips.  

See the sign?  The green & white one?  

When I was a kid, my dad would point out random buildings and say, "You see that restaurant?  I put trusses on that building."  My husband says things like, "I went on a medical aid there," or "I went to a room & contents fire there."  Well, it's finally happened.  The next generation.  Jack and I were out, and he said, "You see that sign?"  He's been working for a sign company ever since June, and he worked on that sign.  

Speaking of Jack, we did a bit of adulting this week.  He passed his online permit test, so we took in his documents (for Real ID) and got his actual permit.  

Unfortunately, the catalytic converter in Paul/Josiah's car was stolen in front of our house this week, so he doesn't get his first driving lesson until we pick that up from the shop, hopefully later today.  

As I was driving him to work and the girls to school this morning, he told me a joke he'd heard from his boss:  There's 3 kinds of drivers:  people who drive like me; idiots who drive too slow; and morons who drive too fast.  I laughed, but it really struck a nerve in me.  We talked about how we tend to see ourselves as the "normal" and anything outside our behavior as aberrant.  Maybe from our desire to reassure ourselves that we're okay.  Just my deep thoughts for the day.  Poor Jack just wanted to share a moment's amusement and got Philosophical Mom.  

We've been talking about monarchy around here, and coats of arms came up in conversation, so I traced a blank wooden shield (leftover from the old days) and had the girls design their own.  

Fiona recognizes a fellow feline, I guess.  

Old art projects that never made it into a post.  Hannah's fireworks, 

and Katie's ladybug drawing.

Katie's coat of arms is more what I had in mind.

In fact, in trying to explain my idea to them, I found myself thinking of what symbols I would put on my own coat of arms.  I might need to do this in the library.  I can think of two classes that might really get into it.  

I'll leave you with this amusing truth I ran across in the library.  It's hard to read, but the title is, "You Can't Sneeze With Your Eyes Open."  


  1. Again, I love your Ms. Frizzle outfits. I'm glad you got your skirt to remember Queen Elizabeth.

    And Fiona studying the coat of arms??? So funny!!!!

    The fireworks picture is really cool!

    1. The fireworks are metallic markers on black art paper. I *love* the effect. I think next semester I'm going to do more "art" and less "dinos" in the library, and one of the things I want to explore are different supplies.