A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Our Week with a Birthday

Last week, Katie had a sore throat, which turned into a cold.  Hannah and Jack both got it, and Jack's boss told him to take the week off.  

Another "Ms. Frizzle" moment.  I read Dragons Love Tacos to my kindergartners and wore my taco dress.  

We did an activity where the kids feed the dragon (on a lunch bag) a pair of tacos.  I passed out upper case letters and the students selected the matching lower case letter to go with it.  Some of them needed a little help, but I bet when we do this again with Dragons Love Tacos 2 later in the year, they'll have it down.  

City library books.  My room pile is out of control.  I need to do nothing but read for a week.

I made a pumpkin shirt for Kasen.  Eli was briefly home en route from Japan to the East Coast, and since he was going to see Zach in Texas "on the way" he acted as my courier.  

While I was in a sewing mood, I finally got around to making a taggie for a new baby at church.  

I ended up not going to the baby shower a few weeks back because I couldn't get into a sewing mood, so I'm glad I eventually got inspired.  

In fact, after this, I cut out a few pairs of pajamas for Kasen (in the next size up, just in case it takes me a while).  I haven't gotten around to starting to sew them yet.  

Picking Eli up at the airport.  I rarely see "the bunny terminal" since I usually use the other airlines, but he was coming in on Alaska.  

A coworker was lamenting a broken cassette tape, and I suggested repairing it.  She brought it to me to work on.  

Hopefully it will work for her, except right where it's spliced, now.  

"Fiona!  Quit licking the rotary cutter!"  Seems a bit dangerous to me.  I'm taking care to leave it blade down now.  

Josiah's scab looks like South America.  (Isn't that such a homeschool kid thing to say?  I love it.)

Cutting out dinos.  Fortunately, Hannah and one of her friends helped me.  

Earlier in the year, I read If the Dinosaurs Came Back and had my students make these geometric shape dino cityscapes.  I realized this was going to be beyond the ability of my kindergarteners, so I modified the project for them.  

They colored premade cities and glued down a one piece dino instead.  

Miss Katie turned 12 this week!  


  1. Happy birthday to Katie! I'm glad she's all better, and I hope the rest of you are, too.

    A taco dress! I love it! I just love it!

    I'm not surprised you're struggling to be in a sewing mood because you're being so creative in so many other ways. The pumpkin shirt is so cute, and here's hoping the pajamas get sewn in a timely manner. :)

    I wish you and me both a week of doing nothing but read!!!!

    1. Seems to have gone around the whole school. I had no voice for a couple days, which kept me from doing read alouds at school. Now, it's just a lingering cough.