A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

More About Our Matching Grant

I'm very excited about our matching grant from Brittany's Hope.  So far, we've had 2 donations, totaling $65.  Thank you!

"Wait, you've been fundraising to bring home ONE child, now suddenly you're bringing home TWO??"  Actually, that's a reasonable question.  I wanted to do as much fundraising as possible to convince Paul that we would be able to afford to bring home both children this trip.  Which really IS more cost effective than back to back adoptions, where you have to travel twice.  We are fully committed to both children, having promised China to take good care of them.  We will do whatever it takes to get them home.  We have invested over $15,000 in the process so far.

So many people have said, "Oh, that's so great that you're adopting!  I wish we could."  or  "That's so cool that you're hosting, I'd like to do that someday."  Please consider this as an opportunity to come alongside us in our journey and be part of our story.  Your gift is a huge blessing and encouragement to us.

How, exactly, does it work?  Let me present you with 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1
We raise $879, not quite meeting the $1,000 goal.  Brittany's Hope sends a check to Madison, our adoption agency for $879, and we do not get any matching grant money.

Scenario 2
We raise exactly $1,000, meeting our goal, and Brittany's Hope sends Madison $2,000!

Scenario 3
We raise $1,245, exceeding our goal.  Brittany's Hope sends Madison a check for $2,000 and the $245 extra goes to help other families adopt.

Make sense?

How are we planning to raise the funds?  We have our community garage sale coming up next month, where we will sell both our own stuff, and stuff donated from friends.  All money from that event will go to Brittany's Hope and count toward our $1,000 goal.

We are also hoping that you will consider donating.  Donations are tax deductible.  Go here, select Special Needs Adoption Grants from the pull down menu, and enter Paul & Shecki Bernard as the recipient family.  Thank you!

Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs   One click is all it takes to vote for us!  Thanks!

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  1. Hi! You have a lot going on here! I saw your blog at http://www.soyoucallyourselfahomeschooler.com, live in SoCal, and thought I'd stop by and saw hello.