A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Late Weekly Wrap Up #20

Sorry this is late!  

Brianna is participating in a knitting Olympics on Ravelry.  I gave her a bag of yarn that's been sitting in my sewing room since before Christmas.  I think she purred.  She made a cute panda washcloth, but it's hard to photograph the design, since it's all black.  

The good news:  we got some rain (we have severe drought conditions here).  The bad news:  it was in the house.  

Some people like to do one project at a time.  Not us.  We like to batch our disasters.  (Ask me about 2011, the year 3 of my kids had surgery.)

Eli's EEME project came.  

This is always a highlight for him.  

And frequently the other kids gather 'round to watch him build, too.

This picture shows Eli completing the circuit through his own body to light up the light on the breadboard.  (I've even picked up a little vocabulary from EEME.)

Back to the upstairs bathroom project.  This week we got the floor in!  Once this bathroom is finished, we'll be riding the potty train with Katie.  

There is one thing I dearly love.  One thing that is a central part of our day.  Naptime.  Sometimes the kids aren't as cooperative as I would like.  But mostly, they just spend a couple hours being reasonably quiet so I can recharge.  Occasionally, however, I get this.

And this

And this.  Yeah, they weren't tired at all.

"Mom?  Do you have any notebooks??"

Do I have notebooks?  Does Staples have amazing 5 cent notebook deals every single summer?  Of course I have notebooks!  

Eli and Katie were wearing her magnetic blocks as earrings.  Which seams ouchie to me, but whatever floats their boat.  

Roof being ripped apart.

Valentine's Day!  We have a tradition in our family of conversation heart math on Valentine's Day.  The nice, big graph paper came from my friend Erin.  It's perfect for this.

Katie wasn't at all sure what was going on.

Jack is an old pro, graphing by color, then by saying.

I helped Katie graph her hearts, and she got more into it.

Even the birthday boy graphed his hearts.

And then they ATE them!

Probably their favorite part.  

Roof all better.  I hope.  

Wow, looking back at our week, it looks like we didn't get any homeschooling done at all!  Yikes!  I promise, we did, even if there aren't any photos of it.  We're still working on a foreign language program review, and we did some standardized testing this week, and Eli started a new spelling book.  Hopefully, we'll have more "schooly" stuff to share next week.  Never a dull moment around here!  

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  1. Better late than never! I know that there are those weeks when I am too busy to take pictures! I love your hearts math tradition.

    1. Thanks! I didn't realize I was starting a tradition the first year I did it, but the kids asked for it the next year, and there was no going back after that. :)

  2. Hope the roof/walls are easy to fix! What time do your kids go to bed? Mine go to bed early, but they're up and ready to go by 6 a.m.

    1. It varies. Katie and Luke and Hannah are usually to bed at 8. The other kids around 9. The teens, well, some nights, I just give up and go to bed and hope they get the hint.

  3. OH roof trouble is no fun. :( The bathroom however is coming along nicely. Love that wood floor.
    I think traditions in homeschool are important. your doing so great Shecki, always such an encouragement to me.

    1. Thank you, Renee! The sink area of the bathroom used to have *carpet* so I'm pretty excited about the new floor! :)

  4. Wow, water is scary. We just fixewd a leak inside the wall, Ugh, Sorry.

    Hope everything is okay!

    Thank for linking up!

    1. I guess we'll find out next time it rains. Nothing in the forecast, though. It's supposed to get up to 70* this week! :)

  5. So sorry about the water damage! Oh how I love nap time too... and my older girls really like the "quiet time" as well. Even though my older ones don't rest in their room, we all enjoy having this a bit more quiet, so we can all recharge a little. :-)

    1. I think especially in a busy, large family, the quiet time is a great refresher. :)