A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up, St. Patrick's week 27

Hannah had to make a leprechaun trap for school over the weekend.  We started with a little shoebox, which Hannah painted black.

I set Brianna to work finding some "gold" to entice our leprechaun.  She came up with some beads and a little trophy, and glitter glue.  Then Brianna drew lines on construction paper so Hannah could cut strips for the rainbow.  I used packing tape to hold the rainbow together from the back.  

I wrote her name in glitter glue in the lid, and Hannah wrote about how she made her trap and how it works.  There's something very cute about elementary kids' writing.  

And here's my girl with her finished product, ready to take it to school and share about it in front of her class.  

Meanwhile, in other news, Katie has learned how to use and enjoy Hannah's Leap Pad.  They've got Kai Lan and Little Pim Chinese  on there, along with some other educational stuff, so I don't mind her using it a little once in a while, but it's weird to me how young kids start with technology these days.  Hannah uses computers at school in first grade.

Katie wore one of Hannah's old St. Patrick's Day shirts on Monday.  As we start to talk about who will go where for school next year, it's looking more and more like Katie will be the only one of the 3 youngest kids at home.  I will have to be creative about including her in our school day, since she won't have anyone to play with downstairs any more.  I have a couple of curriculum ideas in mind for her, but I want to be realistic about my limits, as well.

Lukey had a new shirt that says, "Irish Pandas Eat Clover."  His transition meeting with the school district was Wednesday, and I think it went well.  We have an appointment for his assessment in June, and his IEP meeting in July, and school starts in August.  He'll be fitted for a wheelchair next month for transport to & from school on the short bus.

This is Luke's shirt.  Eli saw it when it came in the mail and decided it was such a great shirt he wanted it.  Yes, my 12 year old son stuffed himself into the 2 year old's shirt.  That's a clover he's posing with.  Little ham.

Brianna made corn muffins on St. Patrick's Day and dyed one of them with green food coloring.  She has started a new review product we'll be telling you about soon.  

Here are the boys' actual St Patrick's Day shirts.  If Eli's shirt looks familiar, it's because you saw it in February.

We read our new book, God's Amazing World, together on St Patrick's Day.  Have you entered to win your copy?  We're also working on a new audio book, about a homeschooling family, and we're enjoying it just as much as we did our Stories of the Pilgrims audio book, or The Golden Goblet, that we listened to during our Egyptian studies.  

This week, I also happened to catch Miss Hannah napping.  School can be exhausting, and some days, she can use a little rest in the afternoon.  Note to self:  Buy the child some new socks.

Precious girl.  I wouldn't think it would be comfy to sleep with glasses on.

Fortunately, she wakes up happy and ready to face the rest of the day.

We learned to draw stick figures this week.

We tried the rectangle approach and the hot dog approach.

This week, we got our art supplies order for an art curriculum review that we're really looking forward to.  The book didn't show up until after Friday's school day was finished, or we'd have already started it.  We have several fun reviews in the works right now.

We're going to be making Greek pots, so I asked the kids to make sketches to come up with ideas of what they wanted to paint on the finished pots once they're done.  (Above is Brianna's)

Jack did a great sketch of the Trojan Horse.

Excuse the messy playroom.  It's rare to catch Luke on his tummy, and I was impressed with the train track Katie was creating.  People sometimes ask what the little ones do while we're homeschool.  Mostly this.

Eli works on his enunciation, pronunciation, and projection skills, reading from 2 Kings.

And Brianna practices her good posture (or not) while she works on math.  She has completed the timed math drills in addition, subtraction, and multiplication that I've got the kids doing on Xtra Math.  She's looking forward to finishing division and being done with those.  The boys are both still working on addition.  Speed is a challenge.

Notice anything different about Eli?  He's sporting a new 'do.  Last time I cut his hair, he decided to keep a stripe.  It suits his personality, but I'm hoping it's one of the more short lived styles.

Our classroom has the sounds of German and Spanish continuing from our Mango Languages, but we've also added an Aussie accent with a new math program Eli is using on the computer.  We'll be letting you know more about that next month.

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  1. I love the St. Patrick's Day shirts. They are so cute.

  2. The kids look adorable. Visiting from Weird Unsocialized Homeschool Weekly.

  3. Cute! Socks, we can never keep enough of them. It seems they grow holes overnight. Sleeping with glasses on isn't good for the glasses either. I should know I've bent a few frames that way : ) Life & Blessings to you.

    1. She doesn't even have a backup pair right now. :/ Her rx has changed since we got her first 2 pairs.