A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - the in between one

Again, school is different with Hannah at home.  I do more things with the little girls together.  (Sometimes this is because they're having a hard time playing nicely together and need a diversion.)

Also, I'm trying to get as much "maintenance" done on her as possible while she's off track, so she doesn't have to miss school for appointments later.  Just like last week was a trip to Shriners, this week was a 3 hour visit to the eye doctor.  She will be sporting new glasses soon.  

Our most recent Zoobean book, The Pet Dragon, was the perfect compliment to the girls' latest review.

The Pet Dragon gives shapes to several common Chinese characters to help you remember them.  And the girls' latest review is for Dino Lingo, a foreign language program for kids!

Here, they're watching one of the 5 DVDs that came with the kit.  You'll never guess which language I picked.

Okay, maybe you would.

Brianna helped me put up a couple of the Dino Lingo posters by the girls' beds, so they can get additional familiarization at naptime and bedtime.

I can count to 6 in Mandarin, but I'm going to have to work on 7-10.

I ran across a book that I couldn't resist: Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome.  Wow, am I glad I got this!  The soldier above was drawn by Eli, and is some of the best artwork he's done all year.

The Babylon Gate was Brianna's doing, and she's so enjoying her sketchpad and colored pencils that she's been trying to do one scenery drawing every day ever since!

We'll be able to continue to use this book next year, as we'll be studying Rome then.

That, friends, is a tooth, stuck in a beauty chew.  I won a bag of Beauty Bursts from another blog, and you know the kids have to try absolutely everything that comes into the house.  (These are actually pretty tasty.  Kind of like a Starburst, but a little softer.)

This is the beautiful little face the tooth was in, prior to the beauty chew.

This week, we finished Archimedes and the Door of Science, and we made mobiles, to illustrate the concept of balance.

It was also an opportunity for Jack to learn how to tie a square knot.  I'm not sure he's got it yet, but we worked on it.

Jack and I finished our read aloud of River of Peril (the 4th book in the Goldtown series) and started in on Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Great Bear Rainforest (book 2 in the Gannon & Wyatt books).  Lisa over at Squishable Baby introduced me to these, and we really enjoyed the Botswana book.  Looks like book 4 comes out later this year.

This coming week is the end of our My Father's World year.  We have enjoyed Creation to the Greeks.  It was different in some ways than Exploring Countries and Cultures (which was a super fun year!), but it was good.  I am pleased with our base curriculum choice, and I look forward to what next year holds for us as we study Rome to the Reformation.

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  1. Love that tooth picture! Too funny. My daughter lost a tooth at the fair one year when she bit into a sticky popcorn ball. Silly kiddos!

    1. I didn't even know it was loose. Fun memories. Before we know it, the tooth losing days will be gone.

  2. My son loves the draw & write series and that centurion is awesome! So is the Babylon gate. :) Cool stuff Shecki.

    1. Thanks, Renee! Glad to see Friday Fellowship again. :) We used to have a couple Draw Write Now books, but they never got into them. I wonder if they'd like them better now that we're doing more art?