A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Week with Jog A Thon

My weekend got away from me!  I usually post Our Week on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  This week is a little short on photos, but I have some fun reviews coming up that will have more of the pictures we've taken recently.

We used dice for dice, and dice for markers in our language arts game this week.

:sigh:  I've been disappointed with Shriners this time around.  The girls legs weren't ready when they said they would be, and when we did pick them up, they didn't have the correct parts, so we have to go back next week for a different foot for one and a different shin for the other.

Since they didn't have the correct foot, they took a too big one and ground down the toes.  But it wasn't enough, so all the sudden none of Katie's shoes fit her.  Paul tried to grind it down a bit further for me, but ended up just switching her old foot onto her new leg.

For size comparison, new leg, old leg, first leg.  Even though Hannah's been home 2.5 years longer than Katie, they're both on their third prosthetic.  Hannah's a little peanut.

Our kitty has gotten really mellow.  He lets Hannah sprawl on him and snuggle.  This picture makes me smile because both girls were afraid of the cat when we first brought them home, and it's a reminder of how far they've come.

In history this week, we're studying the late 1700s, and we talked about quilts.  I showed them pictures of quilts online, and they drew their own simple quilt patterns.

We're also learning a little bit about the 50 states, in the order that they joined the union.

We learned about the constitution and the 3 branches of government, too.

Miss Katie got some scissor practice.  She did better than I expected with the circles.

The high school had Jog A Thon this week.  This is their school's biggest fundraiser of the year.  Brianna colored her t-shirt.  Last year, the shirts were white, and we dyed hers.  She's always been an artist.  Her kindergarten teacher referred to her work as "vibrant" and it stuck.  (Sam was at Swim practice when this picture was taken.)

They came home happy and excited (Bri ran 9 laps, Eli ran 4), and we had a group hug, and it was such a sweet moment, I thought I'd push my luck and ask for a picture.  I'm glad they humored me.  It's such an honor to watch them blossom into their own individual person-hood.

Sometimes I get flack from die-hard homeschoolers for sending my high schoolers to school.  But the way I see it, it's a gentle progression that works for us.  From the solid base of 8 or 9 years of homeschooling (some of my kids went to school for K, some did not) to a medium sized private Christian school gives them the chance to stretch their wings and make mistakes and learn about people that are different from us, while still getting an education that we agree with.  I find that it also gives us more things to talk about than if they were home with me all the time.  When you remove the teacher-student relationship, it changes how we interact.  They realize how good they had it at home, and that I wasn't "mean" for making them do their work!  When I'm not always on them to get their work done, there's less tension between us.

I *like* my teenagers.  Our grocery bill may be enormous, but so is my heart.  They're good kids, who are quick to help me when I need a hand, and we have a lot of laughs together.  I'm a lucky mama.

Katie's been pounding pegs again.  The picture is cropped weird because she has an owie on her stump, and was not wearing her leg.

She left them out, and someone else came along and pounded for a while, too.

Zach and Brayden and Elsa stopped by on their way to pick Heather up from work and go on vacation at the beach.  Lukey liked Elsa's lamb toy.

Speaking of Lukey, he had his cardiology appointment, and his EKG came back with no irregularities.  Healthy ticker.

My silly boy with a face full of Hot Tamales candy for movie time.

Paul has school again this week, which is nice.  I can't wait to show you what he did for our anniversary!  

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