A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Week with Progress in the Sewing Room

We spent a day at Shriners again this week.  Fortunately, both girls' legs are good now, so we should be able to go a couple months before needing to go in for growth adjustments.  I don't like appointments cutting into our school hours, but I'm grateful for the technology that allows my girls to walk.

Another field trip with Daddy.  Paul took the children to a vendor show.  Yes, my children are standing under a fire engine.

Confession:  This trip didn't actually happen during this week.  But since the pictures were on Paul's camera, I just got them.

I wish Lukey could appreciate how cool it is that he gets to ride in fire engines.

And here's a significant part of the reason the kids got to go.  Swag bags.

We celebrated our anniversary recently.  Paul took me to Ikea and we brought home boxes.

The boxes went into the sewing room, which I've been working on (slowly!) the last few months.  You can see before pictures here.

Paul assembled the 6 million Ikea pieces and produced...

This!  A narrower sewing table (meaning I won't have to sew with my toes to reach the foot pedal!) with drawers on both sides!  I've amassed an embarrassing amount of thread.  Most of the drawers are now full of thread, which frees up some wall space for part 2 of this project (which will come around Mother's Day), the other side of the room.

The center machine is my embroidery machine, which doesn't usually go on the table, but since my sewing machine was at the spa for a tune up, it's sitting in it's place for the picture.  Now my sewing machine is home, and it's time to start churning out projects again!

We're starting to learn about the 50 states, so I had the kids do our GeoToys puzzle of North America.  Jack ended up doing most of it.  Not because Hannah couldn't, but because he wasn't feeling like sharing.

When we learned that Massachusetts is a major grower of cranberries, I remembered the Curiosity Quest DVD we reviewed that talks about cranberries, so we pulled that out to watch.

Hannah has finished this year's math book!  So what happens when there's more "year" than book?

You start next year's math book!  I figure, if we get the opportunity to review a math program next school year, she can take time off from her book without falling behind.

I got a chance to sew, so I made Hannah red bike shorts for under a navy & white striped dress.  Katie will wear Hannah's old shorts from last year.

One of the big things that happened this week is that the dryer stopped working.  On Monday.  Paul took it apart and decided it was time for a new one.  So Tuesday, he went to the appliance store and ordered one.  To be delivered on Saturday.

With 10 people in the house, I was a little concerned about being without a dryer all week, but the backup hasn't been too bad, actually.  I did about 5 loads today (starting the minute the delivery guy left) and I'm almost caught up.

Brianna's team won 10-0 this week!  She's enjoying soccer.  I'm really proud of her.  She's never played before this year, and she's just jumped right in and done great.

I just realized I have absolutely no art to show for this week!  We watched a segment of the 4th grade Home Art Studio DVD, showing a metal sculpting studio and talking with the artist.  And we read about French artists (to go along with learning about the French Revolution).  But we didn't actually do any art projects.  Hannah and Katie took their sketch pads out in the back yard and drew, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

Next week, we get to learn a bit about Russia, and continue learning about leaves in Botany.  (This week, we learned about photosynthesis.)

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I am glad you were able to get a new dryer so quickly and your sewing room looks awesome.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. 6 loads yesterday! I need to get downstairs and start it back up again. I think I'll be all caught up today, if I stay on top of it. :)

  2. How exciting to set up a sewing room! Our washer stopped working and yep; that laundry piles up SO fast!! We bought a new one and replaced it this weekend. I think it took two days to get us mostly caught up.

    1. Took me 3 days, but part of that was my swimmer's mountain of towels. I swear he goes through 15 towels in a 5 day period!

  3. You ALWAYS get so much done!! I've no idea how! (You probably get up before noon, eh? LOL) Love your new sewing table and I'm totally jealous. I need a desk like that here! Gonna show hubby... maybe he'll build one for me. ;) Thanks for linking up at Christian Fellowship and hope to see ya again this weekend! Blessings, sweet friend!

    1. LOL! I'm up at 6. I have to be out the door at 7:30 to take the teens to school. It keeps me accountable. Otherwise, we'd be up at 9.