A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


In my Valentine's Day post, I alluded to the idea that we might be hosting again soon. Soon is almost here. This time we're hosting 3 little ones.

The beds are set up. The changing table is set up. I've sorted through some clothing to see what we have in various sizes.


This morning, I woke up with 6 kids in the house (Annaliese is at a friend's). Tonight, I'll go to bed with 10 kids in the house. Including 3 I've never met before.

It's nice to get so much prep time. I know in regular foster care, some families get next to no warning before a child shows up on their doorstep. I've had time to dig up some bottles and such.

But the real preparation doesn't come from getting the house ready or the stuff in order. The real preparation happens when I stand in the shower all alone and say, "God, help me do well at this. Help me not get grossed out at snotty noses that aren't 'mine', help me not take personally the tears for a Mommy who's not me, help me be the hands of Jesus when I comfort them, and not the hands of impatience as I try to get 4 kids into carseats come the next morning school run. Help me balance the needs of 3 overwhelmed, potentially freaked out little ones with the needs of one who came and didn't leave, and needs to know she'll NEVER leave, and the needs of 7 more who sometimes don't understand 'Mom's thing' about kids in need."

It occurred to me that I used to jokingly say that Paul was nervous about going from a minivan to a full sized van because he was afraid I would fill it. Our current van seats 12. 2 parents and 10 kids. I've finally done it. It doesn't look at all the way I would have envisioned all those years ago when we bought our first big van. But I couldn't be more thrilled. Here is my van, Lord, use it. Here is my house, here are my hands. I may not be altogether ready right this minute, but I know you'll help me be ready as I go.

If you're new to the blog and wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I've talked about being a Safe Families host family here and here.  Safe Families is a ministry to families in crisis.  Participation is voluntary for all parties involved.  It is run by the church, as opposed to foster care which is run by the state.  We appreciate your prayers, both for our family, and also for the family that we are hosting for, that their needs would be resolved their family unified in God's perfect timing.  Thank you!  

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  1. This made me cry. The preparations of your hands and heart to welome these three little ones, has been a beautiful thing to witness. Watching them today, so happy that you came back for them, says so much about how well your heart was prepared. Their little hearts have been through so much already. How perfect is God's plan to care for his children, to place them in nurting arms that can help them feel safe and loved until they are home again. Your 'thing' for children is a light on a hill my friend!

  2. Wow. That is incredible. You have such a big family, it is clear that your whole family is in support of fostering and adopting. That is great to read and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I hope that you and your family is blessed even more. PS - How do you keep the rooms clean - impressive! Thanks,

    1. Thank you! The kids' rooms are generally pretty messy, lol. I keep the Panda Room clean, but that's mostly because I still put Katie and Luke's laundry away, and there's only a dishpan sized bucket of toys in there.