A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So How's Hosting Going?

Baby Gogo was Not Tired one night, so he was playing on my bed (because I was tired!).

He found some laundry on the hope chest at the foot of my bed and was playing with this hand towel.  It was so cute.  

A trip to the park.
(Gogo is sleeping in the front of the stroller under Big Sis's coat.)

What I've learned about these guys so far:
They're big!  
Big Sis is 39 mos, 36#, and wears size 4 pants and 5 shirts, size 6 diapers.
Miss No is 28 months, 33#, and wears size 3 pants and size 4 shirts.  I've been stuffing her in size 5 dipes in the daytime but she wears size 6 dipes at night.
Baby Gogo is 16 months, 30#, and needs pants that are 18 mos in length but 2T in the waist, LOL, and size 3 shirts.  He wears size 5 diapers.

Big Sis has thrown a couple of colossal tantrums!  We're working on learning self care skills.  She has learned to take her bowl & spoon to the sink, and how to take off and put on her pants.  We're working on other dressing skills, too. She has learned where her shoes and jacket go and will take them off and put them away when we get home, if reminded.  

I've been working on how to handle books with both girls.  Which way up a book goes, how to turn one page at a time, how to be gentle with books.  They're very speech delayed, so I'm identifying everything in sight.  Big Sis will repeat things sometimes.  Miss No will not.

Miss No is coming out of her shell a bit.  She was a pretty angry girl at first.  Which is totally understandable!  She's a cuddlebug, and gets mad when I can't hold her all the time.  She's starting to trust me more and is thriving on routine.  Her main communication is to point and grunt.  She has 5 words so far:  Baby, NO, Mama, shoes, and... the other one escapes me at the moment.  She's learning that Auntie means business and all the NO in the world isn't going to get her out of a diaper change, teeth brushing, or hair care.

Baby Gogo is a sweetheart.  I'm sure he'd be even more adorable if he wasn't sick.  It's hard to be cute dripping snot and drool and fussing all day.  Poor little guy.  He's pretty easy, though.  He likes to be held.  I've established a routine that includes 4 bottles a day, since I had no way of knowing what he was used to.  He and Miss No get vitamin drops in their morning milk (hers is in a cup, though).  

Eating is going good.  They each have things they've turned their noses up at, which is expected.  But overall, they're adjusting to our food just fine.  I've been trying to give them a lot of healthy snacks.  Miss No often resists getting out of the high chair at the end of a meal.  I'm not sure how much is resistance to change and how much is insecurity about food availability.

It's going well, overall.  The kids don't have visits yet, but they went on a play date yesterday after we dropped Hannah off at school.  For a little bit, I was down to just 3 kids!  We got home from dropping them off, ate lunch, and then Hannah's school called and said, "Please come pick up your puking child!"  This really surprised me, since she hasn't thrown up since we got home with her more than 2 years ago.  Fortunately, she's doing much better today.  

I so appreciate your prayers.  I know they're helping.  We're dealing with snotty noses, coughing, ringworm, vomit, monster tantrums, and pink eye, and yet, it's still going okay.  Although, I confess, I am really looking forward to Paul coming home today (he's been gone 3 days) so I can slip away to roam the aisles at Target ALL BY MYSELF.  Except it won't be all by myself.  Because I'll put shoes on, and Brianna will want to know where I'm going and want to go with me.  And because I'm a big softie, and I know I should give everybody one on one time when the opportunity presents, I'll let her.  But I'll be almost alone. ;)

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