A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

About Hair

This is me.  

I took this picture several hours before meeting Luke in China.
I had discovered that the hotel I was at had a salon, and I was contemplating going and having my hair cut.  Off.  --Okay, maybe not all of it, but a good 10" or so.

My hair is long.  I get headaches, and I always wonder how much is stress and how much is the weight of all that "tofa" (Mandarin for "hair").  I had been thinking about cutting it for a couple of months before I went to China, I'd just never gotten around to it.

At Luke's birthday party, someone asked me how my hair got to be so long.
"Because I never have any time for myself!" I blurted before I realized how bitter it sounded.  The last time I paid to have my hair cut I lived in Santa Rosa.  We've been here since 2003.  

To make a long story... less long, I didn't get my hair cut.  I chickened out.  Part of it was being scared of how it would turn out, putting my hair in the hands of people who speak a different language, playing charades, and hoping for the best.  The other part was not knowing how much it would cost, and being cheap.

So with that as background, I jumped at the chance to do a review for a little hair bling.

Jennifer at http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair was looking for a couple bloggers to review Lilla Rose products.  I had just recently heard of flexiclips and thought they looked interesting.  

Jennifer was great to work with, messaging back and forth, answering questions and linking me to helpful videos.  After looking at the website and watching the sizing video, I thought I should try the size small flexiclip, and I told her to surprise me with the design.  

Opening the package, I was impressed with the presentation and the quality of the clip.

Initially, I was ambivalent about the color I received, but I did find a couple things in my closet that I could wear it with.  

It was a little awkward to put in the first couple of times I used it, but I got used to it.  
This photo was taken the first time I wore it, and you can see that it's a little crooked.  Which, I guess doesn't really matter, but I'm aiming for a bit straighter.  

The size Small was perfect for my ponytail, but too big for what the Lilla Rose site calls a "half up" style, which I sometimes wear.  There are some really pretty size Extra Small flexiclips that range from $14-$21, and I think I might need the purple one in my Christmas stocking.  

After watching the styles video, I am inspired to try a couple of new ideas.  I pretty much wear a ponytail most of the time.  I think a size Large flexiclip would be perfect for trying some of the styles with all or most of my hair up.  The Large flexiclips range in price from $16-$23.  While that may be a little more than you'd pay for a barrette at Target, these are a much nicer quality, and I feel this is a reasonable price for what you get.  

One of the things I liked about the flexiclip was that it stayed in place all day long.  Sometimes with scrunchies, especially old, stretched out ones, by the end of the day, they're loose.  The flexiclip has 3 notches on the pin portion to give you the perfect fit.  Something that surprised me about the flexiclip was the way my ponytail laid flat against my head instead of sticking straight out, like from a scrunchie.  It wasn't bad, just different.  Overall, my experience was positive, and I'm pleased to recommend both Lilla Rose products and Jennifer as a consultant.  I hope that if you're in the market for a treat for yourself you'll consider ordering from her.  

Lilla Rose sells other hair bling, such as bands, sticks, bobbies, you-pins, and O rings.  They also sell pretty badge holders.  Lilla Rose is a consultant based business, and as such, it's an opportunity for people who like retail sales.  

Please take a moment to poke around Jennifer's Lilla Rose site and see if anything catches your eye.  

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  1. Best haircut I ever had was in Nanning. For $10 I had a shampoo, haircut, massage and tea. Wonderful, just wonderful. Then I went back to my room to my screaming 20 month old. At least my 13 month old was in good spirits the entire China trip.

    1. That sounds heavenly! What hotel were you at? Your two were even younger than my two! (Only one of mine is from Nanning.)