A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Weeks Home

Our two weeks home happens tonight, AND today also marks one month since I met Luke!

from this

to this!

Believe me, there were lots of hilarious out takes to this photo session.  When I put Katie in the chair Luke was standing with, he started licking her sleeve.  

And Miss Katie bug was doing her best NOT to smile.  Stinker.

As you can see, if we get him into a standing position, and place his hands on something, he can stay upright for a little while.  He can't get into a sitting or standing position on his own yet, but he can remain how he's placed for a bit.  He does not yet lift either foot from this pose, so we're not getting any steps, but we wouldn't expect him to walk before crawling anyway.  

So how's it going, two weeks home?  

playing in the school room while mama is on the computer

Well, we're settling into a routine.  At least as much as we can, given all the appointments we have.  Katie is learning what to expect next at any given point in the day.  Which means, she also knows when to protest things like Nap Time, when she can tell I'm moving in that direction.  

Actually, the cast is causing some problems with naps.  
I know she's tired.  
After lunch, we change diapers, and she goes in her bed with a book.  She's usually asleep in about 10 minutes or so.  UNFORTUNATELY, it only lasts about 15 minutes!  As soon as she stirs in her sleep, she remembers the cast, and it ticks her off!  So the remainder of naptime involves her whining, chattering, reading a book, thrashing around, and making noises as she drags the cast against the side of her bed.  Not restful for Mama.  

She does much better at night.  Possibly because she's exhausted from not having a decent nap.  Possibly because it's darker at night.  Regardless, I'm not giving up nap time.  We'll soldier through this, and I'm sure she'll resume good naps in a couple of months.  

Luke is trying new foods all the time, and doing fairly well with it.
Last night, someone brought us dinner, and I fed him refried beans from inside a burrito.  He also likes garlic mashed potatoes.  I ordered this:

affiliate link

to help work on biting on one side, then biting on the other.  We'll see what he thinks of it.  He was pretty resistant to my attempts to teach him to put things in his own mouth.  

We're finding our New Normal.  One day at a time.
Today, I went through Luke's clothes and pulled out all the stuff that's too small for his Buddha belly.  I took down the bucket of boy things from Gogo and Fluffy and Mr Jingle Pants, and pulled out a few BIG size shorts that I'm hoping will fit him.  And I separated the two kids into different dressers.  Sounds small, but I'm feeling accomplished, and just a wee bit more settled.  That makes for a more relaxed and rational mommy.  

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  1. Your kids are beyond adorable! I love Katie's purple cast... Our son just finished his ninth cast (yes ninth, he was a tough case), and had surgery this past Thursday. The cast really ticked him off too, at first, but after a couple weeks he got used to it, and even started walking on it. Now he can't put any weight on this new one after surgery, and he is in this cast for six more weeks! Good luck!!

    1. Wow, I can't imagine trying to keep a walking two year old off his feet for 6 weeks! At least Katie can't walk yet. We are working on getting her other foot/lower leg made so that after a couple months of casting, surgery, and 3 weeks in the last cast, she should be ready to take her first steps! She will be 3 by then. My Hannah was 4 when she took her first steps, though, and did great.