A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CTC Math

CTC Math is an online math program for all grade levels, Kindergarten through High School.  We received a 12 Month Family Plan membership to CTC Math for review.  This membership normally retails for $297, but there's a sale going right now, where you can get it for just $118.80.  A single-student membership (as opposed to a family plan) is even cheaper.  CTC Math is a very affordable alternative to in-person math tutoring.

I selected Eli as my tester, because his existing math program was not working for him, and he was getting further and further behind.  I asked him to work on 3 areas each day, and in less than 2 months he's done over 70 lessons.  He's currently got a 70% efficiency rating, but that's because he has a tendency to try a section and then give up at like 3% if it's not something he's interested in.  Most sections he has an 80-100% score in.  As the parent, you can set the bar for what defines a passing score.  I have it set at 90%, so on the reports, anything over 90% is blue.

Eli likes CTC Math because the computer explains the process to him, aloud and visually, as opposed to his math book, where the directions are written, and he usually gets an, "Ask your father/brother/sister," from me when he needs more explanation.  I like the Aussie accent of the presenter!

CTC Math Review

Record keeping is super simple with CTC Math.  In addition to all the reports available online in the Parents Area, I get an email every Sunday, detailing Eli's progress from the prior week.  I've chosen to print these and keep them in our school binder, so on our weekly sheets, I just write "Eli - CTC Math" and I don't have to worry about what lessons he did or what scores he got, because it's all in the weekly reports!  I can see at a glance if he has 3 blue bars for each school day or not.

The only "issue" we had while using CTC Math was that I was not clear enough with Eli about what section I wanted him to work from.  As a 7th grader, Eli should be working in the Basic Math and Pre-Algebra area (although the beauty of CTC Math is that he can work in any level).  Looking over his reports, I noticed he'd completed sections in both Elementary Measurement and Elementary Geometry.  I chalked that up to "review work" for him and explained that he is no longer an elementary student and he needed to work at his level.  He also poked around in the high school Geometry section, and ended up passing 33 lessons in that level, which I was pretty impressed with.

CTC Math contains a Speed Skills area, to increase proficiency in basic operations.  The computer keeps track of your previous scores, and you work to beat your own times.  For Eli, this replaced another speed drill program he had been using.  There is also Times Tables Shoot 'Em Up, a space themed math game, which can be a fun reward for students.

CTC Math is working well for Eli, and I plan to have him continue to use it, both for the remainder of this school year, and for next school year.

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