A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally, Another Homeschool Wrap Up Post

I feel awful that it's been well over a month (almost 2!) since our last "Weekly" Wrap Up post.  Lots to share today, since we're wrapping up all the bits and pieces we've managed to accomplish despite the chaos.

Yes, I'm counting Wedgits as homeschooling.  They're educational.  

We did some Indian Face Painting, but I wimped out and had them paint on paper instead of each other.  

Sometimes we do projects when Hannah is home in the mornings so she can participate with us.

After the faces, we had a painting free for all.  
I really ought to get the art supplies out more often.   

After India, we started CHINA!   

As always, flags and passports are a highlight.  

Hannah has her own Chinese flag from our trip.  

Little Passports are also a favorite around here.  This time, we got chopsticks with pictures of Sam & Sofia on them, and a steamed buns eraser.

Chalk this up to science.  The kids found a bird's nest.

One of the children climbed a tree with my camera to take this.  

Sometimes we're just plain silly.  Brianna was showing me all the scissors she found in rainbow order when Eli jumped in to give her horns.  

Bri is continuing her art lessons on SchoolhouseTeachers.com.  

They're working on Still Life food pictures.  

Let's call this engineering.

And we'll call this one classifying.  I opened my bedroom door to discover that Eli and Jack had sorted the car bucket.  We're a little heavy on red and yellow because those are fire apparatus colors, and well, Daddy is usually the one who buys little cars.  Eli flew in his fleet of small planes, as well. 

We played Chinese Checkers.
I don't like the paper board and markers.  I'm thinking we need a real set at some point.  I would love to play with them, but with the pieces sliding around all over, it's pretty frustrating.  

Talking about the ocean this week, we learned that it's about 3% salt.  
Jack added 10 T of water, and Eli added 1 t of salt, then we stirred and tasted it.  Bleh!  

Then we supersaturated one glass of water with salt, and left one glass full of plain water, and we compared what happened to an egg dropped into each.
The kids were fascinated to learn that it's easier to float in the ocean because of the salt.

Tangrams are a Chinese puzzle game.  I found this little booklet online a while back and printed it.  

The kids took turns making the different pictures.  Bri is showing Man On Horse.

The star looks like it should be some sort of logo.  

That's it!  Whew!  Sorry so long.  I'm hoping that NEXT week, as we start Japan, our world will be a little more normal.  This week was still not quite right, as the high schoolers were off Monday (as well as the babies leaving that afternoon), and Hannah had track change schedule on Friday.  But life is what happens when you're making other plans, right?  

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  1. Love seeing my little tangram booklet in use! Thanks so much for the link back and comment. Delighted to have found a cute new blog to read now too. :)