A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Signs we saw in China

I was reminded of the funny signs in China, and I thought I would share the ones that we saw.

"Be careful of floor slide"  This one was in my bathroom in Nanchang.  

"Care for the step"  Also from Nanchang, the grand staircase in the hotel.  I imagine someone caressing and whispering to the step.  

"I love Kaka"  :snort:  I live with too many boys to pass this one up.

This is actually a legitimate sign you should heed.  Like "beware of dog" or similar signs.  The traffic here is nothing to sneeze at.  

"Focus on public"  

This sign actually made me very happy.  Slowly, ever so slowly, China is becoming a little more accessible.  It's generally not a stroller or wheelchair friendly place.  Like, at all.  

I believe this was Paul's doing.  If I remember right, it's the sign explaining how to use the fire equipment in the building we adopted Katie in.  The top center character is "fire."  

The tripod pots we saw were used to cook human meat.  (This whole museum was totally fascinating, BTW.)  I think what they were trying to say was that this large pot proves that people were iron casting at that time period.  But it is not on display because it is seriously corroded.

Fabric printed with "bunches of loev."  

These signs were so much more poetic than "Keep off the grass" and "don't pick the flowers."  

Given that this was a second floor with a large drop on the other side, "prohibit climbing" seems like a good idea.

Looking down from the drop above, we see another happy sight I didn't see last time we were in China:  recycling bins!  We saw them several times in the temple gardens.  

If you're going to do it, "Be carefully slip" okay?  

The sign on the left is cut off, but it says "Use of cellphone is strictly forbidden when thunderstorm."  I'm thinking the Great Wall is not where I'd want to be during a thunderstorm.

Another Paul pic.  See the character for "fire" on the left?  

And here's a sign we all know well:  Starbucks!  Every major city has them now.  

"Warm prompt"  

"Please kindly note that gun, explosions and any other lawless or dangerous items are forbidden to be taken here for the safe reason."  Well.  I guess the guys from Burn Notice can't stay here, then!

As amusing as the signs are, I'm feeling "homesick" for China.  I got out for a little while yesterday, and I stopped on the way home to pick up Chinese food for lunch.  Walking in brought a wave of missing China.  The smell of the food, the sound of the music, the accented English...  How many more years before I can take the girls back on a heritage trip?  

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  1. Too funny !!! I often hear things or smells or even feel the wind and think of our short time in China. I LOVED our time there and long to go back.

    1. I'm not anxious to make that flight again, but I'd go back in an instant if it meant getting to see the terra cotta warriors at Xi'an. :sigh:

  2. I love the signs in China!! I have several pictures like you do...my favorite was on a chair at the airport. It said "Only for the old and weak"! :-) We were fortunate that our daughter from from the Shaanxi Province...gotcha day was in Xi'An. We got to see the Terra Cotta Warriors...AMAZING!!

    1. Color me jealous! I want to see them so badly! :) LOL at the old and weak chair.