A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Despite threats of rain, we had decent weather last night.

This year, we had a hunter,

a fairy princess,

a ladybug,

a Roman soldier,

and a special appearance by Captain America!

After everyone was fed, dressed, and had their glow necklaces on, we set out.

Our first stop was Brianna and Sam's school.  They had a football game, and the band was hosting Trunk or Treat prior to the game.  We went to see Bri pass out candy with the other band members.

Well, that's why *I* went.  I think the kids might have enjoyed the trunks more than seeing their sister hang out with her friends.

Our next stop was a local church carnival.  Katie is catapulting large bugs.

Jack at the giant dartboard.

Hannah has a very interesting throwing technique that involves holding the ball to her eye.

There were crafts,

and face painting (Katie got a ladybug on her cheek).

Katie and Brayden are so cute together.  He's hung out at our house a couple days this week, and it's such fun to see them learning to share and compromise.

Hannah managed to eat her cotton candy without a mess, but Katie needed a wipe after finishing hers.

Once we got home, I had the kids choose their 10 favorite pieces of candy to hold on to, then we dumped ALLLLLL the candy into a big bowl, and divided it into 5 equal piles, including one for Sam and one for Bri, since they weren't home yet.  I set aside a few of my favorites as "taxation," and Josiah got the "dregs" left over in the bowl that there weren't 5 of the same thing.  It worked out nicely.

This morning, the loot swapping commenced as soon as everyone was up.

Serious negotiations went down.

I believe Eli is demonstrating "sugar coma" or some such ailment.

Of course, Sam was at football practice already when negotiations were happening, so he had to make the rounds with his bag after lunch and see what "deals" he could work out.  It was definately a disadvantage coming late to the game, though.  People were pretty happy with their loot at that point.

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, and I'm honestly glad to be done with it, but I do enjoy seeing the kids have fun.  My apologies to the neighbors for sending my sugared up kids out to the trampoline to burn off some energy.  I can only handle so much bouncing off the walls.

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