A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Purposeful Design

We got the chance to review a beautiful new book, Purposeful Design, Understanding the Creation.  This hardcover book positively attracted my kids to it.  Initially, my goal was to read it to Jack and Eli, as part of our schoolwork, but both Sam, age 16, and Brianna, age 14, picked it up when they saw it in the school room, and I came across Eli, age 13, reading ahead in it, as well.

Purposeful Design was written by Jay Schabacker.  I love what he has to say at the end, about choosing to use the term "purposeful design" instead of the more common "intelligent design."  Purposeful design sounds more deliberate, and with a... well, a purpose in mind for His creation.  He likens our Creator to someone baking a plate of cookies just for us, because He knows we like them.

The book starts out with the first day of creation, and moves on day by day through the seventh day.  There are a lot of interesting facts and scientific tidbits tucked into the text to inspire awe in our Creator.

In talking about the sun, moon, and stars, the author references both Stonehenge and the Ground Zero Memorial, and how people, in times past and present, have used the precision of the planetary movements to play sunlight through a structure at the same time each year.  Fascinating!  Eli and I were explaining this part of the book to Josiah, who said it sounded interesting.

Some of the photos in this lovely coffee table book, especially for days five and six, are just breathtaking.  There's a fish that looks like Ziggy, and a gorgeous hummingbird pictured, as well as a mural of the many types of faces that make up mankind.

We are still in the process of reading Purposeful Design aloud as part of our schoolwork.  I saved the last half of the sixth chapter, which talks about the skull and brain for next week, when we learn about the brain in our science.  It has been pleasant to cozy up together and look at the pictures and read the text.  This book has made a nice addition to our learning, but I believe it also stands on it's own for readers of many ages to enjoy.  I am pleased to have such a visual reference in our homeschool library.

Purposeful Design sells for $18.95, and is appropriate for all ages.  This price also includes the Young Explorers curriculum, which you can download from the website.  This is a workbook your students can fill in as they read the book.  Another way you could use this would be to download the Teacher's Answer Key and verbally ask your kids comprehension and thinking questions (for kids who hate workbooks).

Purposeful Design Review

You can connect with author Jay Schabacker at his blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  From reading the blurb about the author, and gleaning that he's served on the board of an orphan foundation in Romania and visited the Great Wall of China, I think he sounds like somebody I'd like to hear speak.  To read what other Crew families have to say about Purposeful Design, please click the box below.

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