A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Purex Power Shot detergent #giveaway

Check out what showed up at our house recently!

Purex sent us a bottle of their new Power Shot concentrated laundry detergent.  I asked one of the kids to put it in the laundry room for me, and this is what I found when I went in there later:

As you can imagine, I do a lot of laundry with 10 people in the house.  Some people have a "laundry day."  How cute.  I do laundry every day, so making it go quick and easy is always a plus.

The new flip top lid on Purex Power Shot opens easily.

And the "dummy proof" measure-it-for-you bottle makes it easy to get just the right amount in a jiffy.  This design is perfect for children helping with the laundry, or folks with special needs who might have a hard time twisting or measuring.
By the time I was half way through the bottle, I realized I was spoiled by how easy it was to flip the cap, invert the bottle, have just the right amount of detergent dispensed, turn the bottle upright, flip the cap closed, and be done!

In addition to our giveaway here on the blog, where you can win a coupon for a free bottle of Purex Power Shot detergent, Purex is giving away 3 Whirlpool washer & dryer sets, and 300 bottles of detergent!  Enter HERE and receive a $1 coupon, too!

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  1. I am spoiled too...I don't buy laundry detergent at all! After years of buying so many household products...I switched to white vinegar and baking soda for ALL my cleaning needs. I use baking soda and vinegar to wash my clothes too....and I have saved tons of money! Nice as detergent can seem, natural is healthier...plus I can buy vinegar and baking soda in bulk and it can last me months. For those who love detergent...splurge. For me, I would rather eat more then spend it on cleaning items. In your case, you get so many products free so its worth it, and Purex is economical if one wants to buy it.....:-)

    1. That's great! I recently was taking a survey, and it asked, "What kind of detergent do you buy?" I realized, I don't buy detergent--I review it! LOL